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    Binary Options Tools - Market Breadth, Price Action And Volume !!!

    Market breadth is a measure of the health of a market. It includes volume and other factors which have an impact on individual stocks or assets, assets classes and the broader market in general. Basically, what breadth tells you is if the market is bullish or bearish or indifferent, and the strength of that sentiment, so traders can determine trend and if a pull back or rebound is a reversal, or opportunity for trend following entry. This thread is dedicated to all the tools based on volume, price action and market breadth. It is not comprehensive, we will be working on this into the future. I'll provide links to all the forum threads and articles we have which discuss these tools and add more as they pop up. If there is one you like that we don't have, feel free to add it, or ask a question about it, but if you do, be sure to make a dedicated thread for that tool and then post the link to your thread here. Also, comments advice or tips for using these tools are welcomed.

    Time Series Forecast Indicator

    Average Daily Range
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    Parabolic Stop And Reverse Tool - Great For Active Traders !!!

    The Parabolic SAR is a great tool for active traders. It gives clear signals for entry, and even tells you when the signal is void, and when you should REVERSE to the next entry. We've used this tool a lot in the forums and in with several great strategies. Here are links to the original tool review, and to the forum discussions that will help you implement it.

    Parabolic SAR tool review

    Parabolic SAR in the Forums

    More PSAR in the forums

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    Zig Zag Indicator For Trend Followers !!!

    The Zig Zag indicator is great for trend followers. It is a bit of a lagging indicator so does not provide great signals on its own but it comes into its best use as a trend indicator. The tool produces a series of lines, zig zags, that indicate the underlying trend. All you have to do is adjust your strategy to take the signals indicated by the line, if it is moving lower, bearish plays, if it is moving higher, bullish plays.

    Zig Zag Indicator Tool Review

    Zig Zag Indicator Forum Discussion

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    The Advance-Decline Line Indicator !!!

    Click here to discuss and ask questions about Advance-Decline Line Indicator in the following thread.

    This is a breadth indicator that analysis the price action of stocks.
    It has to be manually downloaded for MT4 and it consists of just one line.
    Furthermore, it measures the relationship between stocks that are advancing and those that are declining,
    revealing direction of the trend of the entire market.
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    Volume, The Neglected Indicator !!!

    Volume is the all to forgotten indicator. It's not that people don't know about it, it just doesn't come up that often in strategy and strategy talk. This does not mean it is not important, because it may be the most important aspect of trading. Technical analysis measures the market, the market is made up of people, the number of people in a move is important for strength, volume is the measure the people... nuff said.

    Volume, The Forgotten Indicator - Forum Discussion

    Volume, The Forgotten Indicator - Full Article

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