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    When can we use the Demo platform in Australia ? !!!

    Hi everyone,

    Just curious, I've been trying to use the Demo account here in Australia this morning. The account is telling me the " market is closed " It's 1.58pm
    here so I'm a little confused. Anyone have any answers ?

    Many Thanks and Happy trading

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    Legendry Member willyw's Avatar
    Maybe you try again later should be working

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    Senior Member Mike M's Avatar
    Thanks Martin

    4.31pm here in Australia and Demo is working. Good news is, all the major markets will be opening over the coming hours

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    Keep practice and happy trading!

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    Australia is exactly on the oposite side of the Earth to the biggest financial centers, that's why it will often happen that the official markets will be closed at your morning to lunch time. Sorry for that Forex is trading overninght and many Asia markets are in your time zone too, so there are plenty of oportunities to trade!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Yeah, you are going to have to stick to forex, and Asian indices, unless you trade at night/odd hours to catch the other global markets.

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