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    Binary Options Tools - Secrets From Japan !!!

    Japan is home to some of the oldest financial markets, and the oldest forms of technical analysis, where many of the tools used today originated from. The most obvious is Japanese Candlesticks but the secrets don't end there. This thread is dedicated to these secrets and should be used as a source of information on them. If you know of something you'd like to add, or if you want to comment on one of the tools we've listed feel free to do so. We will also be adding new tools as we find them.

    The Harami is a reversal pattern based on Candlestick Charting and can be used for bullish or bearish trends.

    Harami Reversal Tool - Forum Discussion.

    The Pin Bar, or Pinochio, is a western name for what has been called a doji for centuries. It is one of the most powerful single candlesticks and gives good signal for binary options traders.

    Doji/Pinochio Strategy - forum discussion.

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    Hello Michael!

    Thank you update it. Could you provide charts? It seems to me interesting.

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    About Japan's trading indies, I think Ichimoku Kinko Hyo hides the most. It holds secrets though so obvious is very deep. It shows S/R, trend, a Line Chart, reversal points, Fibonacci, divergence, bounce, continuation, and even a calculation for the future based on the past, etc. all at the same time. Plus the trader has to be skilled with candlestick analysis to completely use it as a set and use it like a J-pro. Another is Heikin Ashi which is fun and easy to use but also has it's own secrets. Renko, Kagi and 3 Line Break are good old school Japanese goodies but I can't say much about them because though I was trained to use them, I didn't use them for live trading that much. For me I love normal candlesticks, Heikin Ashi and Ichimoku. Candlesticks for my everyday live trading, Heikin Ashi for fun and long target and Ichimoku is when I'm in doubt or have hit a wall in my trading performance and I have to go back to school, reviewing my basic trading foundation.
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    Candlesticks are the real secrets of Japanese traders, Ichimoku is a great tool. It is not a miracle but a great tool for those who know how to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    Hello Michael!

    Thank you update it. Could you provide charts? It seems to me interesting.
    follow the links, they go to forum discussion and articles, more on the way.

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    Ichimoku Kinko Hyo !!!

    Here is a link to our Ichimoku Kinko Hyo article and forum threads, a great tool recommended for all skill levels. The thing I like about it is that you can use it all by itself, it includes 4 different measures that combine to form one great strategy/indicator.

    Ichimoku Article

    Ichimoku In the Forum

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    Japanese Candlesticks for the Naked Trader !!!

    We have two great articles by Bogdan G that
    explain basic and more advanced Japanese Candlestick
    patterns. In fact, whether or not you trade naked charts,
    I think you need to understand what the Candles are indicating.

    Find out more about the two articles here:

    Japanese Candlesticks as Technical Analysis
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    This is a great discussion on the Marubozo Candlestick, a single candle formation that can, but is not always, a good signal.

    Marubozo Candlesticks

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    Heikin Ashi candles !!!

    Heikin Ashi candles

    Lines, bars, Japanese Candlesticks or Japanese Heikin Ashi?
    They all have their advantages but Heikin Ashi is recommended for price action traders.
    Click the link above to find out why or to discuss it further.
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