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    Binary Options Tools - Bands, Channels And Envelopes !!!

    Bands, Channels and Envelopes share a common trait; they all provide a moving targets for upper and lower movement that tracks along with the price of the asset. These tools, the most widely known probably being Bollinger Bands (tm), are prized among short term traders no matter the asset or vehicle. They are remarkably useful for binary options and why we have a thread dedicated to the group. Below are links to forum discussions and articles we already have and more are on the way.

    Bollinger Bands are a trademarked method of measuring volatility with standard deviations. The bands give targets for price movement, signals for trading and measure market volatility.

    Bollinger, John Bollinger; The James Bond Of Binary Options

    Basic price channels are formed by nothing more than highs and lows within a set period. Despite their simple formulation they give powerful signals and can be used in multiple time frames with reliability.

    Basic Price Channels - forum discussion

    The Triagular Moving Average uses a, you guessed it, a moving average to create a price channel. One thing you will notice is how smooth the bands are but don't worry, this one give pretty good signals too and is one I've seen several people in the forums using.

    Triangular Moving Average, TMA Tool, - forum discussion

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    Keltner Channels - Another Great Channel Tool !!!

    Keltner Channels were first introduced to trade commodities but are easily used in EVERY other type of market. They use a central moving average, like other types of channels, but then create bands to either side using the Average True Range of the asset. One thing I like about them is that you can use two KC together, called nested Keltner Channels, to find both long and short term signals at the SAME time.

    Keltner Channels Forum Discussion

    Keltner Channels - Tool Review

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    Linear Regression Channel Tool - For trends, reversals and breakouts !!!

    Linear Regression Channel Tool – Identify the Trend and Trade the Deviations

    Click the link above to discuss the Linear Regression Channel tool.

    This tool is great for traders who like to draw their own trend lines and
    on their preferred timeframe. It is also helpful thanks to the lines being parallel
    so they are automatically equidistant.

    A couple of lines from the article:

    "the linear regression channel consists of three slopes where the outer lines are
    indicating price deviations. Price breaking out of this channel could signal a possible reversal"
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    The Volatility tool for Binary Options

    Big candles mean volatile movements right?
    Sure, but there is more to it and how do you take advantage of it?

    There are tools for it of course, one of them is the volatility tool.
    Click the link to read more about it.
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    The Power Of Donchian Channels !!!

    It took me a while to fully comprehend the use of Donchian Channels, not sure why, but in the end it is pretty simple. When the channels turn in the direction of the trend, that is, an old high/low is exceeded, it is a signal for trend following entry. Pretty simple. The hard part is weeding out the bad signals and focusing on the good ones, fairly easy to but takes some experience. Regardless, a good tool and one I suggest everyone check out.

    Donchian Channels, Surfing To Profits - Review

    Donkey Kick The Market With Donchian Channels - Forum Discussion

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    Linear Regression Curve Indicator - A price adapting tool

    There are two regression tools, one is already mentioned in an earlier post above and is the linear version that uses three lines.
    This one however, we are talking the curve version of this indicator.
    It looks like a moving average but works differently and you can use it
    to find deviations in price movement so you can have an understanding of whether price
    will "correct" itself by retracing back to the curve indicator.
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    Standard Deviation Channels - A Devination Tool For Finding Profits !!!

    The standard deviation channels is a good tool, no doubt about it. It creates a price channel very similar to Bollinger Bands, mostly because BBands are based on SD channels. No kidding.

    Full Review of The Standard Deviation Channel Tool

    The Standard Deviation Tool Forum Discussion

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