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    Signals !!!

    Hey folks,quick word about this signal provider.On this site I was adviced to open account on TradersKing platform.After few tradings my account was blocked with some funds.Did try get some support from SB and get respond as"we wasn't affected by this platform and have no issue against them".I think they just simply washed the hands.Ok,but what about reputation?
    For me is funny think is they sending signals even before very important econmic events and signals are usless. I had conversation with them while ago,Jenny explained that experts working on signals(joke). Even now they promoting GoOptions platform,which is not best reputation.
    So my point is-I do not recommend this
    site,maybe they are not 100% scamers,but to many problems in the past.
    Any more questions,fell free to ask...

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    I knew about them already early on when I started binaries.
    Their signals came via email and it was often too late to place trades.
    I never liked them and never actually placed any of the trades.
    It's just another overhyped signal service fooling people.
    I just went back and took a look, they work with all of the shady brokers in the industry.
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    Specialist Member DaVychi's Avatar
    I used them just few times when I was very "fresh",it was more lossing trades as wining,usless nothing to say more...

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    I already have a thread for Signals Binary here. Yes, it's a bad scam and their signals are woeful and they are affiliated with the worst scam brokers in the business.

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    Saw their signals, quite a joke to be honest.
    The crazy part people keep using their signals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BinarySignalsApp View Post
    Saw their signals, quite a joke to be honest.
    The crazy part people keep using their signals.
    Can't believe they're still in business. What a horrible scam that is.
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    not only they're still in business, seems like they have lots of traffic.. crazy how people prefer lose easy money signals over good old forums
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    There's always new newbies to fall in the trap.

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