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    Rookie Member johnwboyd's Avatar

    What makes a great trading platform? !!!

    What are the things you look for in a trading platform?

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    Junior Member Sharon1987's Avatar
    Spread, Speed of execution and available expiries.

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    Veteran Member Dan21's Avatar
    Speed is the first and most important quality. I also like it to be simple so that everything I might need is right there - one click away. It's nice if there are some extra things like showing volumes and so on.

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    Active Member astravars's Avatar
    Nice and free demo platform, satisfactory reviews, overall usability and features, absence of account management and reliable withdrawal methods.

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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    Spread, speed execution and no bugs.

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    Rookie Member summertime's Avatar
    Personally, the most I value good support. Its important for me to get to know the real people behind the broker and frankly sometimes they can be really nice guys. Sounds a bit like a joke, but honestly in the end its own of the key factors of a great trading experience for me.

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    Junior Member dexsam's Avatar
    Accuracy along with speed.

    Flexibility short and long term calls and puts.

    Above all, it boils down to usability.

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    reliability, trustworthy, regulated, oversight, no conflicts of interest, safety of deposits, range of tools, payouts,

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    Rookie Member
    speed,spread, easy platform and safety are the 3 things that i'm looking for. I'm trading now with Broker Official and i feel very secure though .

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    Junior Member BinaryScamSniffer's Avatar
    The basic criteria for a trading platform is: speed of execution, advanced features, readability and opportunities available. However, in most of the cases traders use the one chosen by the broker, and when it comes to rating brokers the platform is one of the least important things to consider.
    However, returning to what makes a great trading platform, the first criterion is speed of execution. It is especially important for short term traders. As for under 60 seconds timeframes, which I don't recommend, the execution speed is absolutely crucial. Most likely, the official parameters, if announced, are a little bit exaggerate and only useful for comparison.
    The next aspect worth noticing are the features available. Most of the last generation platforms don't offer only the classical call-put options, but also numerous other advanced options. The first platform that comes to mind in this sense is TechFinancials with tools such as one touch options and above/below, range.
    Readability might not be so important at the first glance, but I have encountered overcluttered platform with pop up notifications and too many other attention disturbers that lead you to the end of your teather in stressful situations.
    As for opportunities available, it is actual for those who trade both binary options and foreign exchange. In case that you combine two types of trading, such a platform is very optimal. Also, check the timeframes available. Not all of them offer 60 seconds from purchase expiry or even 2 minutes.
    Additionally, an important role plays the payout. Overall, this are the main aspects to consider, but, once again, choosing a broker because of the cutting edge platform is a very common pitfall.

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