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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    leave trading, that's the best way, if you feel it you have to stop trading or else you will make a bad decision... more than one, because the first bad decision is to trade while you are frustrated with it.

    Best advice!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    I am trading a limited number of trades per day. That’s why there is no place for frustration when I finish them I am done for the day and that’s it! Much easier to handle than trading forex or other markets where take profit is always in doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnwboyd View Post
    Especially when you are having a draw down session. How to handle the frustration?
    If you're into instant change of mood, do this:

    Raise up your hands high up to the sky, with big smile on your face facing up too. Then take a deep breath to allow the air fill in your body. Do it repeatedly. You can do it by standing or sitting, better by jumping high, it's more instantly and more powerful.

    The scientific explanation about correlation between the body posture and the mood: (just google, it's a lot. Below is only one example)

    If it's not working, then you can ask again, I have more ways to deal with it, but usually that instant change would do enough miracle.

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    I go for a walk lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcpatten22 View Post
    I go for a walk lol
    You've chosen wisely decision!

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    I turn on the philosophical mood, at least I try to lol
    Loss is the usual part of the trading process, this is market and nobody can trade for100% win
    I stop trading this day, analyze the charts, looking for what went wrong. Then I close them and do something else to get the positive emotions. I prefer hiking and relax at the nature. It helps to clean my mind.

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