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    Optionfair offers a 'second' platform to trade forex !!!

    Hello everyone,

    Optionfair now has a new 'platform'. If you are on their platform you can switch between binary en forex. But I have some questions about that kind of trading forex.

    1. Are there more brokers that offer this type of trading?
    2. Is this REALLY forex trading or just binary options in another image?
    3. The pip value that is on the display there.. Does someone know if that's correct? Looks like a lot higher than the pip value should be.

    For EURUSD, an trade investment of 10.000$, an pip value of $88.30. Which means the change of one pip is that big? In the real forex market it isn't that much, is it?

    Is this some kind of 'new' binary options with 'less' risk, or just forex with self-made higher pip values?

    And the money you put into the trade, do they really invest it in the market or are you actually not involved in the market and not investing , like with binary options?

    Thanks for answering my question,


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    Hi Caro,

    I am not sure what the new OptionFair platform is about, but there are plenty of brokers for trading forex. I don’t think you need a binary one for that. The pip size depends on the position size you have i.e. lot size. One full lot is 100 thousands units of a currency and for a full lot the pip value is exactly something like that – 100$. But you can trade as small as 0.01 lot or one micro-lot. That’s what I can say. If you are trading with binary broker better to keep trading binaries.
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