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    Guidelines and Tips for Successfully Using CommuniTraders !!!

    Instructions, Guidelines and Tips for Using CommuniTraders

    CommuniTraders, the leading FREE Social Trading platform for binary options, has grown to the point that we felt if time to deliver a set of instructions and guidelines for our traders, new and old alike. This list is by no means comprehensive, I'm sure that we will come across new issues that need to be addressed and new features that need to be explained, but it is a starting point for the community.

    CommuniTraders has worked hard to elevate itself above the level of all other social trading platforms by providing a third party platform, with no conflict of interest, that mimics the function of today's top binary options brokers. By using it traders can put into practice things they have learned without the need of risking real money until they feel comfortable moving on to live trading. While it can be used solely for demo purposes the true value of CommuniTraders is SOCIAL TRADING; learning and sharing with the community for the benefit of all. . . and it's free!

    How to Use CommuniTraders

    Let's start with the vide:

    and now a step by step:

    1 - Using CommuniTraders is very easy. To join all you have to do is sign up, build your profile and start trading. Registration is easy, and FREE! Simply enter an email address and you are ready to go. You can follow this link to find more information about signing up and creating a profile.

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    2 - The platform can be accessed at the top of the forum by clicking on the Trade Now icon. Once the platform is up pick your asset, choose your direction (up or down), choose an expiry and a trade amount and then click Trade, simple as that. Once the trade is placed, depending on how long your expiry is, you will be prompted to “Trade & Share”. If you share your trade will appear in the forum for others to see.

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    3 - If you are interested in trading for yourself the above instructions are all you need. If you are interested in learning and copying from another trader there is an additional first step, you have to pick a trade to follow. You can do this in a couple of ways, the first is to scan the CommuniTraders forum for recent trades.

    4 - Another is to use the “Live Signals” feed or the “Leaderboard” available by clicking the icon at the top of the forum screen. In either case you will have the option to “Copy Trade”, which I must warn, does not mean auto copying. When you click copy trade it will pull up the trade platform and then you must enter the trade you want to make.

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    5 – The leader board is a great place to find traders and trades to follow. The leader board ranks all members according to our points system. Points are awarded based on the number of trades made, the win/loss ratio and the amount of profits made. Leaders are ranked by month or year, once you find someone you want to follow you can go their profile page to find the latest trades or watch out for them in the forum.

    6 – No matter the method you use it is important to provide some information about your trade and to Share Trade. Information includes a title describing the trade and a few sentences about why you made it. Did you follow another Trader? Did you use advice or a strategy you found on the forum? Did you use your own analysis? Regardless, all are important and part of the social trading experience.

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    CommuniTraders is a social and copy trading platform but it is not an AUTO copy platform. When you want to copy a trade it is your responsibility to enter the parameters of the trade you've chosen.

    Connect CommuniTraders To Your Broker!

    CommuniTraders can be linked to your broker. At this time Stockpair is the only one available but others are on the way, US traders can expect to see a link to NADEX in the (hopefully) not too distant future. This means that trades you make on the CommuniTraders platform can be automatically placed into your live trading account through API interface. This way you can scan CT for trades you want to copy, place them into your demo account and see them placed into your live account for fast copy trading action.

    Market Opening Times

    CommuniTraders supports a very diverse list of assets ranging from international indices to commonly traded commodities, all the major Forex pairs and even a basket of stocks. These markets are open at different times of the day and closed for different holidays. Because of this you may find that an asset you would like to trade is not available, rest assured that it will be as soon as the respective market is open.

    Guidelines for Using CommuniTraders

    • First and foremost, don't abuse the system. CommuniTraders is a free service intended for education and enjoyment so what's the point? Any abuse will result in administrative action ranging from canceled trades through permanent banning.
    • All trades with expiry of 10 minutes or less will automatically be shared to the “Live Signals” feed, they will not be shared into the trading forum.
    • All trades with expiry greater than 10 minutes will have the option to “Trade & Share”. Shared trades will be listed in the trading forum for all to see. You can ask questions, get responses, have questions asked of you and find traders to follow and trades to copy. Sharing is, after all, what social trading is all about.
    • There is a max of 30 open trades at one time.
    • Use the “Reply with Trade” button to make a trade in response to someone else trade, or if you want to make a dedicated thread for your trading diary. All trades made in this way will appear as a response to a thread, rather than as a new thread, making it easy to find and keep track of progress.
    • Use the forum, that is what it is there for. Introduce yourself, find some trading buddies, learn about strategies or teach the community your strategy.
    • No cheating will be tolerated, refer back to the first guideline... don't abuse the system. This means exploiting faults in the system if you find one and it definitely means no autotraders or robots will be allowed.
    • No stupid titles. Titles for trades should say something about the trade, the analysis, or your system. They can be used to ask questions about strategy or tactics. Absolutely no marketing is to be allowed in the titles or in the posts, if you have a service or business you want to promote we have a place for it here. . . Introducing Binary Options Businesses
    • Be respectful. Do not abuse any other trader, verbally or otherwise. Not everyone is as smart as you, we're all here to learn and help others to learn. There are no stupid questions and no mistakes that cannot be overcome. Abusive behavior will result in a banning.
    • Have fun and use CommuniTraders. It is what it is here for, make trades, find and follow other traders, help newbies to learn and expand our community.

    We rely on referrals to pay the bills and keep the lights on but you will never be pressured to open an account by anyone here. If you decide you do want to open an account we would appreciate you doing so through one of our trusted and recommended brokers so that we can continue to support the community.
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    That's pretty good. Covers everything I can think of.

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    Hi, Mr_tryit here;
    Since joining a couple of days ago I've been trying a few trades on the CT demo platform(in private mode - non share) and find that the trades are shown as still open despite having notionally expired. Any ideas as to why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR_tryit View Post
    Hi, Mr_tryit here;
    Since joining a couple of days ago I've been trying a few trades on the CT demo platform(in private mode - non share) and find that the trades are shown as still open despite having notionally expired. Any ideas as to why?
    the platform is a little buggy, it is still in development, try clearing your cache, and then also check back in a day or so to see if they update. Your stats are intact, it may take a bit for the website to update.

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    Hi Martin

    I just joined yesterday so forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I am trying to find my feet and I'm reading through the posts. It seems to me that this thread has been superseded by the "Communitraders Demo is Closing " thread. So a large percentage of what is written here and the video guide is a bit of a curveball for a newbie. Just an minor observation. I realise that there are many threads where traders analyse their trades in a format which is not based on the Demo account, so I'm not confused, I just need to get a feel for how things are done and that'll take time.



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