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    Newbie question on which strategy to practice with !!!

    Please forgive my question if it turns out to be a stupid one.
    I have completed the school section in "Bots" ( Which was both educational and entertaining )
    I feel like I'm ready to start testing some strategies out. Do you recommend testing the strategies as
    suggested in the " The Geek Reveals - Top 5 Newbie Strategies" article? Is this a natural progression after
    finishing school or am I getting ahead of myself.? I cant help but feel like I should devote more time to understanding
    each indicator before I think about testing out these strategies.

    Many thanks to the leaders of this community for opportunity to learn.

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    My answer is yes you should definitely try them. The article is made by Michael Hodges who is a reputable trading pro so you can't go wrong.

    Yes you can start studying each and every indicator before testing them but for me it will be good if you test those strategies on CT Demo now.
    Trying them on demo will also give you the hands on experience with those indies so you'll see how they act live.
    It is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You can read all the "how to's" on how to ride a bike but you'll never learn how to ride one until you are really on a bike
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    I always say, there are no stupid questions but only badly formulated and lazy questions.

    Anyway, good question and I'm glad you asked!
    Surely you can start with one of the 5 suggested strategies if you wish
    and when you pick one, make a list of the indies involved, then come to BOTS
    and search for each indie and read about all of them until you understand them!
    Then go back to the strategy with what you know, preferably read the rules again
    so you know what to look for and then start with back-testing and then test it on a demo too.
    Try the CommuniTraders Demo platform if you already haven't.

    I have also started making some videos on indicators and technical analysis that can be helpful, so check
    them out too.
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    Senior Member Mike M's Avatar
    Thank You both for your response. Now I have some direction as I've been wondering around aimlessly.
    Very much appreciated.

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    Legendry Member willyw's Avatar
    Keep trying different strategies to find out which one suits you. Try it on Demo first until you are very confident then go live

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    Master Member Bogdan G's Avatar
    You could get your feet wet with this one:
    And of course with Michael's Top mentioned earlier
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (attributed)

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    All are good strategies, off the top of my head I would say starting with something like the Simple Trend Following Strategy, the Simple Moving Average Strategy, the Simple MACD Strategy of one of the other simple strategies is a good idea. A better idea would be to learn a few of them, or even all of them, and use them together to confirm each other, then you would have an advanced strategy you built yourself. Think about it; candles, trend, moving average, macd/stochastic/rsi, support/resistance/Fibonacci used in combination equals just about any strategy we have on the website that is worth a flip.

    Here are some links to things you might want to check out:

    The Geek's Simple Moving Average Strategy -- explains the simplest use of moving averages and how to apply them to your charting.

    The Geek's Simple Stochastic StrategyA good place to start for anyone interested in oscillators, not just stochastic.

    The Simple Trend Line Strategy like the name implies, shows how to take signals from a trend line. This is trend following, duh, and easy to use.

    Convergence Of Indicators Using more than one indicator, when they agree the signals are stronger.

    Volume, The Neglected Indicator - Helps understand volume and how it affects your trade

    Drawing Support And Resistance Lines Support and resistance levels are prime targets for signals to occurs, and for the market to possibly reverse... or continue.

    The Fibonacci Tool For Support And Resistance Automatically find support and resistance targets using one of the worlds oldest known mathematical methodologies... the Golden Ratio

    There are more articles, I can't make it too easy for you, read these though and you will be off to a good start.

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    Senior Member Mike M's Avatar
    Thank you all.
    I shall get to work and report my progress later.

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