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    be aware of 10trade even there are regulated!! !!!

    I have joined with 10 trade since 2-3 months ago and have already deposit 3100 USD in total..Two days ago, they just signed me an account manager to help me trading..the strange thing happen when the account manager call me, when i answered the call and asking who are you? then he replied I am account manager from TradeRush..and then i said i never registered with TradeRush..And suddenly he put me on hold and told me again that he calling from 10trade..How come he could make mistake there? 10trade and traderush have totally different something going on here..

    As you all know, traderush have a really bad reputation and they dont even paid money to the traders, so in my opinion think that traderush have a link with 10trade and maybe there are even the same company that use different you guys must be careful..

    the second problem is yesterday i have email my account manager and asking his assistance to help grant 100 or 200 goodwill or maybe trading bonus as a goodwill to the new client like me, and you know what he said to me?

    He said that he cant do that because the money that i trade on certain market has been placed in the bank in the same market also, and lose it all..I think he think i am a stupid or something else..

    The fact that we all traders know that broker make money when we lose money, and when we make money means they lose money..that is the simple fact that we all know..

    So after he told me that i answered his email and told him there wasnt any need to lie to me..I think the reason that he lied maybe because i just joined the company and told him i dont have any experience..thats why he keep lying to me..

    So you guys must be careful to this company called 10trade..

    In my opinion 10trade and traderush is the same company..

    traderush have a really bad reputation and so many traders called them as a in the end they dont have any choice and open a new company name 10trade..

    be aware of this company guys!! Hope my post could be helpful to you guys!!!

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    If you paid them via credit card, you might be able to get your money back via visa or mastercard etc. I think you have 6 mmonths to make the claim. might be worth talking to the credit card provider. That is if your money has disappeared or has been traded with out your permission. If you placed trades and simply lost them then you are out of luck. Let us know how you get on. AND PlEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT MORE MONEY WITH ANYONE WITHOUT LEARNING TO TRADE FOR YOURSELF.

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    Be careful when you deposit money and trade. Fist check it top rated and recommended brokers before you invest your money.

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