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Thread: Banc De Binary

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    Active Member Schizz's Avatar

    Banc De Binary !!!

    Wondering peoples thoughts on this broker. I joined it 3 days ago, still waiting for them to verify me and actually thinking of just withdrawing my funds and going else where.

    You guys find this to be a solid broker, no cheating going on by lagging trades as they come in that are near entry point etc etc?

    Just wondering if I should just be more patient (patience is not one of my virtues) or would you recommend another broker for trading binary in?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    T.b.t., there's a lot of complaints about this broker and a test I performed some time ago was really not good. I don't know how they perform now, but I doubt it's better.

    Take you time to read the reviews on our BOTS page and you'll know much more. I suggest you stay with the approved brokers.

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    Active Member Schizz's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply,yes, i am already picking up bad vibes and I haven't even started making trades there yet.

    EDIT - you know, for 3 days now i have been waiting for them to verify my account and over that time, looking around the site and asking support wtf is going on, ill feelings were growing inside, so yes, I just withdrew my initial investment.

    It's a pain it takes 5 days when funding is instant but glad i'm out, got a feeling i would have lost all that money anyway, not through my bad trades but through them.
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    Senior Member sofaking's Avatar
    BdB are a terrible broker and if I were you I'd try to withdraw your funds (but make sure there are no penalties for early withdrawal). The platform is terrible, very slow and logs you out continually (eg just when you're trying to place a trade) and take quite a while to log back in again. Also, they attempt to cheat you on turbo trades (60 second-5 minutes). After trade expires it takes quite a few seconds to "verify" but for some reason they keep the clock running on your trade while verifying which sometimes puts you OTM. You can also expect calls from "account manager" pressuring you into depositing more money.

    So basically a terrible, terrible broker.

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    Active Member Schizz's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. I did end up withdrawing my initial investment. It went through ok. I don't know why though but I feel like something is going to happen that makes it takes ages to get my money back, some sort of problem. I hope i'm wrong!

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    Rookie Member CRAZYTRADER's Avatar
    take a look at

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    Nope, don't go there just because a spammer tells you to. Probably a scam site.

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    Active Member Schizz's Avatar
    Don't worry, I didn't This person here is tired of being scammed and losing money, yup he is!

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    Rookie Member bob_the_trader's Avatar
    I heard a lot of bad stuff about this broker. some concrete cases can be found on the this broker's topic on
    anyway, I would avoid them, they really don't seem legit to me

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    hi, i think that they are actually ok and the platform is pretty good. but you just need to refuse taking a bonus and avoid account managers. i think that they are only placed there to leech your money off you, they will build up your account then lose it for you. i think the trick is to withdraw with a smaller profit and dont allow them to carry you along that you will make thousands of pounds out of them. you need to remember that if you win then there company is losing

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