Poll: What VPS do you use?

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    What VPS are you using ? !!!

    VPS is "renting" PC power that is usually in a cloud and installing all your trading tools on that platform : you are almost free from crashes and Internet drawdowns.

    I think i will certainly, in the future use that possibility when i have enough money. Plus you can access your trading from anywhere!

    Some VPS start at $5 a month i think, but you have only 1 CPU and usually 512mb RAM no more. the bigger the configuration, the higher the price of course

    Amazon was free at a time, now they charge (freakers)

    so what VPS do you use?

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    I am using VPS but not for trading. Do you mention VPS for trading and if so what kind of code you are deploying to VPS? I know some free services offered from forex brokers, but don’t know of any binary broker offering VPS for binary trading experts?
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    Some of my friends use Traders Colo, I use 123. Make sure you have dedicated hosting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by panosandy View Post
    Make sure you have dedicated hosting!!!
    dedicated is surely better but is it really necessary? unless you use complex trading strategies that uses a lot of CPU power, i don't see why it would be really crucial?



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    I am using an Amazon AWS EC2 medium instance for running strategies 24/7, it costs me $75 per month but it's worth it, it's super fast!

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    I have used 2 VPS providers in the past for trading (running Chrome with a signal provider's signal stream, Signalpush for trade replication, also MT4).

    One of them is 'OVH' and the other one is 'dediserve'. Both are high quality providers, with 'OVH' being a bit cheaper. With my setup, a VPS with 2 core CPU and 2GB RAM was enough.

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