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    Hi From another UK resident !!!

    Hi all,

    I'm totally new to the trading world and am looking for someone to look after the trading form me. Any takers? So far I have had experience with A**G*T**** and it's looking like I'm down $1K. Rather not do that again.


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    Hello Alan!

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

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    Many thanks

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    Hi Alan and welcome to CommuniTraders. We are a community to help each other in trading and learning how to deal with trading. You want find here somebody to trade for you.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hey welcome! Be careful when letting other people trade for you.
    I always suggest you don't because it's hard to find reliable people.
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    Well, first of all welcome aboard! Second, don't let anyone trade for you, its a bunch of crap no one will do for you as well as you will do for yourself once you get the hang of it. And, brokers should never trade for you, its a conflict of interest that will lead you to losses.. in fact, any broker that suggests they could, would or should trade for you is mostly likely not to be trusted anyway.

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    Welcome Alan

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    Hey! It takes a little more time to learn to be a good trader, but it's hard to find good traders that are really good and willing to trade for you. Think about it - if someone is that good, he can win more money trading for himself than he can make working for you even if you pay well. Most people who offer such things are not good traders. It would be like hiring a little better version of your self to make a bit more complicated mistakes than you would in the beginning. Both ways you'll lose money. The one who cares the most about your money is you. The time you spend learning will not be wasted.

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