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    Newbie using TradingView and IQOptions !!!

    So I guess I'll intro myself.
    Musician by profession.
    Usually London, sometimes NY sometimes LA.

    Why did I get into trading, I think I just watched "Wolf of Wall St" or something, maybe it was "Trading Places" nah, just kidding... Ive actually no idea why, but one day I decided to take a look at trading212, deposited some money and blew it almost immediately.
    Then somehow stumbled into binary options, deposited with IQ options after running the demo for a while. I havnt lost the money yet, Im just about in profit.

    Now I do realise there are probably better options for brokers but hey its a learning curve. Ill continue with IQ for a while then probably begin with StockPair I think.

    Also I realise most seasoned traders use Metatrader4 for as a charts platform.
    Id like to hear why its better than Trading View?


    Thats me for now, seeya round

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    Firstly - Sweet Avatar.

    Secondly the main reason MT4 is superior is when it comes to the amount of indicators you can use with it. There are a lot of great indicators that Trading View does not have.

    I am with Stockpair and I have found them to be good. Although make yourself a promise that if your account goes bust with IQ option, then switch to a demo account until you can double your account. One of the forex books I read recommended that you triple a demo account 3 times in a row before investing any money - I am not that patient though haha.

    And lastly what instrument do you play?

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    Welcome to CommunniTrsders DATA!

    You have chosen wisely stockpair broker. I'm also trading stockpair.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes Stockpair are the best! Good withdrwals! But why is ATM OTM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by panosandy View Post
    Yes Stockpair are the best! Good withdrwals! But why is ATM OTM?
    ATM means at the money, the asset price is at or near the same price as the option strike. OTM means out of the money, the asset price is below(call) or above (put) the strike price and not profitable. ITM means in the money, the option is profitable.

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    Hi! Nice intro. You've made some good choices and now - being here, you'll get even wiser when it comes to BOs. MT4 is great when it comes to visulization. I always keep it on my second monitor and I perform most of my analyzes with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DATA View Post

    Also I realise most seasoned traders use Metatrader4 for as a charts platform.
    Id like to hear why its better than Trading View?
    Hi! Welcome to CommuniTraders!

    I've also use online charts like Trading view and StockCharts. Sometimes I still use StockCharts but not much because I prefer MT4. Both Trading View and StockCharts pips are more similar to my broker but I find them hard to plot lines like trendlines and support and resistance. I like to zoom in and out of my charts and often the lines that I have plotted will get misplaced while I adjust the charts. I find this irritating since I rely heavily on the lines that I have plotted. Both of them do have lots of good built-in indicators but MT4 has way more plus you can add other indicators that you can easily find on the web. Basically MT4 can be customized heavily to fit one's charting needs. I'm a naked chartist (I don't use any indicator) so I really don't need to customize my charts but MT4 just feels right. The lines that I have plotted will always be in alignment whatever I do.
    The choice is really up to you and I'm just sharing what I think based upon my experience.

    Happy Trading
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    Duct Tape can't fix OTM

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    Welcome aboard man!

    Trading View is also a great platform for charting and analysis. I guess mt4 is better just because we are much more familiar with it Of course it is always better to have a desktop platform but web based like trading view is also great especially if you are using laptop or tablet for trading.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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