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    The Geek's Market Pressure Strategy - Newbie Approved! !!!

    This is a highly effective strategy I developed after writing a review of the Williams A/D line. An A/D line is a measure of Advancing and Declining pressure found in the market, they are widely used, the Williams A/D line only one of a handful of tools that fall into this class. The strategy is trend following and best when used on higher time frame charts like 2H, 4H or daily, usually along with a support/resistance analysis, moving average or other method to help weed out the false signals. Signals are easy to spot, basically whenever the A/D line begins to move up the signal is bullish, when it begins to move down it is bearish... of course following trend. If the trend is up no down signals should be taken and vice versa.

    The Geek's Market Pressure Strategy

    These articles will help make this strategy a real winner.

    Drawing Support And Resistance Lines Support and resistance levels are prime targets for signals to occurs, and for the market to possibly reverse... or continue.

    The Fibonacci Tool For Support And ResistanceAutomatically find support and resistance targets using one of the worlds oldest known mathematical methodologies... the Golden Ratio.

    Simple Moving Average StrategyA simple method for using moving averages to derive signals and determine trend.

    Convergence Of IndicatorsUsing more than one indicator, when they agree the signals are stronger.

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    Cool articles mate. Now all we need is for the newbies to have the patience to read them
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (attributed)

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    I'd like Drawing Support and Resistance in Binary Options Trading No needed to draw further. Indicator did it.

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