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Thread: News lag?

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    News lag? !!!

    Hi guys, I just opened an account on 24options because I wanted to trade the news.. Infact the 1m candle at the time of the new is 90% in the direction of the report, if the new has some relevance.. But when I tried to trade with my demo account I see that the "spike" of the price starts some seconds after the time but the new comes out so much later on the site (I used and forexfactory). Is there a way to solve this problem? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english..

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    well, I think I understand what you are saying... the price is moving before the news is released on your website... the lag time you see is the time it takes for the news to be released and then for someone to post it on the news site you are using... the price moves because the traders in the market are getting their news direct from the source, no lag to the forexfactory or other sites. If you want to trade this way you need to find out where the news is being released from and go straight to the source. Another way may be to use a live charting package from a regular broker ie stock/bond/forex etc so that you can see when the market starts to move and then place your trades on 24.

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    So I should trade without actually seeing the news and following the strong price movements immediately after?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoloFrog View Post
    So I should trade without actually seeing the news and following the strong price movements immediately after?
    that is one way to do it, so long as you know that a news event is due, otherwise you might get surprised. Also consider this, sometimes there are knee jerk reactions to news, the price will move strong in one direction and then reverse almost immediately, you don't want to get caught in that. If you use your economic calendar you can pinpoint the event you want to trade, and then go look for the source. most of the data comes from government agencies and is made available on their websites... you can get it just as quick as anybody else.

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    Ok thanks, I will just look for the source for each new so

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    Hello Yolofrog!

    Welcome to CommuniTraders! You've chosen wisely top rated broker. Avoid to trade during the news. The price were moved as you were described. It is needed to wait 30 minutes after after the news and then enter in trading positions.

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