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    My Binary Options Journey Starting with 100 dollars !!!

    I Have 2 years trading experience in binary options now I have setup a new goal i'm starting a new binary option account with a deposit of 100 dollars which I will trade from now on in 2016 . My goal is to reach 250k with a 100 dollars deposit has anyone done that ever before? i know it's a really crazy thing for a trader to do if there is anyone in the forum who is gonna keep up with me and be with me on my 250k journey do let me know make sure you guys don't forget to comment and reply I'm new in this forum I would love to make new friends

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    Hey, moved your thread into the right room. See you soon and good luck with your trading mate!
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    Hey! It's fun to have goals. Just focus on having a couple of good trades a day
    and proper money management. Then you take it from there .
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