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    hello from albania !!!

    Hi evry has pased a long time since i used this forum.This is where i got the basic of BA but for a lot of reasons i didnt stared to trade with real money.Just tryed to play with a demo account.Dint getmuch of a ressult even with the demo.Now i want to try your trading signals but still in my demo.Then i would like to start trade with a real account even thugh i still dont think i am ready to do so.Can u help me with any kind of tips or info beside the school article cose i have read it all a year or more ago.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Nevriku19!

    Welcome on the forum. You can join to our CommuniTraders skype and Youtube channel group. We share our trading experience. You can test CT demo account.

    Happy trading!


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    Hey welcome back!
    Try to take a look at the school once more because we have made
    some changes and updates. Also, as Milos mentioned above,
    you can watch older videos + live sessions on the CommuniTraders Live YouTube Channel.
    Another place to look is the members war room, check out people's diaries!
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    Welcome back, the best advice is to learn to find your own trading signals, as in learn a strategy, maybe join the Skype group.

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