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    When did you enter the "big leagues" of trading? !!!

    Good day all and pleasant trading all around.

    I have a question for the more experienced traders that inhabit this forum.

    When did you guys start making big money trades, enter the big leagues, making big money.

    I just started trading real money recently and although I have been profitable, its a slow grind scraping out 3.50$ per trade in my current trading schedule.

    One day, hopefully sooner than later i intend to build up enough capital to trade 100's of dollars per trade, moving into 500+ dollars per trade, eventually moving into 1000 dollars per trade, and if all went o plan 10's of thousands per trade.

    So trades what day did you enter the big leagues, how much capital did you have, and what do you consider a big trade?

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    Hello Proteinjunkey!

    I wish you welcome on the forum.You've started nice topic here.I'll try to answer the question. No needed to become big league trader.You trade for yourself. Its better 70% success rate than you trade $1000 per trade.Never used more than 5% risk management.Never trade more than 10 trades per week or 1-2 per day.

    I'm asking you to join our Youtube channel group CommuniTraders. You can also can join our skype group. I'll talk on this subject on Monday 14th March. It will be live webinar session. You'll get more answer on this topic.

    Once again welcome on the forum.


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    the "big time" comes with time. As for making big money trades what I know is that I stick to using a percent of my account as a rule, only 5% per trade, so that I can manage losses without worry. I understand how making $3.50 per trade is a grind but remember, with the percent method the amount you make grows as your account grows. If you are able to stick with the rule and slowly build your account you will reach the big time eventually. $3.50 is 5% of $70, when your account is $700 you'll be trading $35, and when you make it to $7000 you'll be trading $350. more money but always the same percentage.

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