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    Good news feeds? !!!

    Hey again guys,

    I'm compiling a good list of news feeds. Tried to find a decent app or program that had the latest news but decided to set up an RSS reader with as many useful feeds as possible. Struggling to come up with a lot of good ones tho.

    At the moment I've put in

    Most feeds
    CNBC feeds
    AOL Money feeds
    Motley Fool

    any suggestions?

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    I just watch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Okane View Post
    I just watch
    Forexfactory has good news feed

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    FX Live and FX Street
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    I use forexfactory and forexcrunch. Also I use barcharts, investing, Yahoo/Finance etc.

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    Talking-forex, live audio sendning. It's a paid service - don't know the present price, but when I used it, it was not expensive.

    You can listen to a 5 minutes delayed version via Zero Hedge's site free.

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    yeah, that's a lot of feeds, I think if you are going to use so many you need to filter in some way, or categorize into different subject feeds or something. I think that is going to be like drinking water out of a fire hose....

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