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    That my friend is living the dream - I love to sail and dive etc. Make a trip down to NZ

    You mentioned a youtube clip. Do bots have a youtube channel?

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    Dat blonde tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Rea View Post
    That my friend is living the dream - I love to sail and dive etc. Make a trip down to NZ

    You mentioned a youtube clip. Do bots have a youtube channel?
    Yes, I think he meant the CommuniTraders-Live channel where he saw the trading videos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn3179 View Post
    The Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Dominican Republic are all within a hour or two flight to the US, Or a 1 to 4 day sail. You can find internet around the larger islands or cities, bring a mobile hotspot and you should be fine. Also if you are staying for awhile get away from the tourist areas and living can be reasonable.
    If you are ever decide to come to this side of the world let me know I will be happy to share with you what I know. Also I would enjoy meeting you in person (and the rest of the BOTS Pros) what I learned from you guys did allow me to make a major change. Also I would like to cook you some fresh lobster or some fresh caught snapper, grouper or dolphin (the fish not the mammal). After trading If the weather is right I spend several hours in the water snorkeling, diving and looking for lobster, conch or any game fish that lets me get close enough to spear it. Easier said than done but we usually have fresh seafood every day.
    I do not know if it would pass Chef Michael taste test but it is fresh~
    Sounds awesome . Unfortunately a bit too far from Sweden but maybe one day!
    Or I will just invite you to my future country, lol wherever I would be. If you can get pass
    the pirates with your boat haha!
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    Sailing is also on my must do list haha Maybe some day in Mediterranean Sea I will do it!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    SAiling is nice, I grew up sailing at summer camp called Camp Don Lee, its near the Outer Banks. Not to mention how nice the Caribbean is . . . I haven't been any place there or near there I haven't liked.... The Bahamas, super nice, Cozumel, exquisite, Belize, my favorite, Grand Cayman, I'm going back for sure....

    You are one lucky man to be able to live the lifestyle...

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    Switching to a real account makes things very different. There are a lot of traders that are very profitable when trading demo, but far worse when they use real money. A huge part is due to psychology factors, but not only. I would not consider making trading my main source of income before I've had at least one entire year with good enough profit while trading with real money.

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    Living off options trading is the goal of many traders who are constantly working in hope to reach that level. Just imagine the opportunities and perks that will be available to you: flexible schedule, financial independence, the state of being your own boss, more time to spend on your favorite hobbies/activities. Undoubtedly, you have heard many successful stories about traders who have started to live off this activity, and said to yourself that you can do this too. It is good to stay motivated and continue to chase your goals, but it is also important that you are realistic about your knowledge and ability in trading.

    Many traders get too confident with their first revenue made from trading. They become over-zealous after feeling the taste of success in trading. Soon after their win, they tend to lose more because of their blind confidence and bravado. A good trader must understand that no man is able to have a winning streak in trading. Everyone has his ups and down, but it is important to know your limits, build a balanced mindset, understand when it is time to invest and when it is better to restrain yourself from making an action.

    Making a living off options means that you earn reasonable amount of money that grant you the possibility to live a decent life, or even a better one. This involves trading with a trusted broker, who works with you or for you, and not against you. There are examples of good traders who have developed strategies that allow them to make good profits, but the broker they trade with has other objectives, and limits their revenue by applying different policies. Find a broker that demonstrates fair-play with its clientele, and does not limit them from earning money.

    Finally, achieving your goal does not mean that your journey has ended and it is time to relax. On the opposite, the road you traveled to reach your destination must have taught you that continuous development and perseverance is the key to success. Keep learning and developing, because the market is in constant change and requires a sharp mind to make the best of it.

    In conclusion, living off binary options is an achievable goal; it has been accomplished by many and will continue to be. But this achievement requires titanic forces from you; you must be able to show dedication and will to learn and develop further.

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