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    Thinkorswim Charts !!!

    While looking for MT4 charts for an iMac not only did I get the information I was looking for from those that replied on my Introductory thread but I also found that TD Ameritrade has Forex charts also in a software package they call Thinkorswim. Downside is that it does look like you need to have an account, however it does appear to be working well on the Mac.

    The main reason for me using the iMac for charts is that it is much larger screen than the old laptop, which my eyesight is preferring these days. I was not successful in uploading a screen shot but my main purpose was to share that there is an additional source of Forex charts.

    Congrats to me, I'm one post closer to being removed from Lurker status

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    thinkorswim is a pretty good package, you probably do need an account but if it like my OptionsXpress/Javacharts account you don't have to make a deposit to use the tools...

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