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    1000 Free Inndies !!!

    Well lets see if I can post a link with a zip file.
    A long time trader friend bundled up his indies over the years.
    Around 1000 free indies who ever wants them if you are looking for a certain indicator this is a good place to loo.

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    That can be an interesting place to look inside Thanks Randy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolyo View Post
    That can be an interesting place to look inside Thanks Randy!
    Your welcome there are some real gems in there. I would just make a folder for them and keep it on the side. You never know when you may need one.
    Also speaking of indies in general it's always good to have a updated version of your MT4. Sometimes you find that a Indie doesn't show on your chart and it's almost always the same reason it was built on a much earlier version of the MT4. And Mt4 does not have very good backwards compatibility.

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    There's absolutely no need for a 1000 indicators. I recommend to avoid those and choose your preferred indicators based on the strategies you're interested in.

    Try the following lists:
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