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    Junior Member smoki's Avatar

    A question about withdrawal and big trades !!!

    Hello guys, I have a question for anyone who takes money each month from their broker and trade with large amounts.
    Stockpair, Dukascopy ...?

    Only twice I have made withdrawals from Stockpair, one by one from 5k and 3k.
    I would like some testimony with continuous withdrawals and trade from 500 $ \ € and over, also by martingalers.

    I try to found discussion or reviews about some brokers but...
    Some people have no problems with dukas which is good but have spread and need to enter 3 second before the candle close for take the exactly next open candle.

    Thanks and sorry for my english

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    Moderator Kolyo's Avatar
    StockPair, Ducascopy, both are reliable for regular withdrawals. However Dukascopy offer only short term trading of forex and no pairs trading, while StockPair have much more available options to trade.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Junior Member smoki's Avatar
    Thank you. I don't like Dukas platform for spread and non-instant trade reason.
    I need 5-15-20 expiry for now (about stockpair, no 20min exp)
    But, I don't trust any other brokers. This is the reason regard my question.

    I've read only complaints for big withdrawals and big trades in other brokers like a iqoption, Banc de B...
    Any reviews are welcome!

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    How about Ayrex, ETXcapital?

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    Ayrex is good so far as I know, lots of great comments here on the forum.

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    Junior Member smoki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    Ayrex is good so far as I know, lots of great comments here on the forum.
    I'm using ayrex demo platform and the payout for short term (5min) is 89-90% (e\u-g\u) for this week.
    Anyway, I've read someone outside this forum that after some ITM, the payout decrease several time from 89\90% to 60\70%
    So, with real account this rate decrease several time?

    I'm looking for broker with at least 5 min exp, good platform with instant trade on the market (like stockpair) and fast withdrawal and obviously no problem for that.
    I know, I can use stockpair, but if I found a better payout, trade with ATM, and withdrawal more fast, I change.
    Stockpair for bank transfer (from Bulgaria headquarter to my bank in Italy) takes 15\20 days.
    With skrill 5 days to process the withdrawal.

    When I made withdrawal from other brokers, for example with forex broker, they found my bank account 3 days from London and 5 days from Australia.
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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    Stockpair is reliable broker.

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    Junior Member smoki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    Stockpair is reliable broker.
    Thank you milos. I know is reliable. I try topoption, 24 option even and stockpair is another planet (for me)
    I said that is slow about withdrawal. From my experience
    5 days for process the withdrawal.
    If I don't found another good and reliable broker, I will stay with them.

    Maybe about ayrex, is to young. Every (almost every) broker is good at the beginning

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    Banned Bradhaddin's Avatar
    24option is better option for that and they provide one of the best services.

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    maybe try optionsclick, they are techfinancials just like 24option, cysec regulated, registered in 29 EU countries, and use eWallets....

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