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Thread: Hello World!

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    Hello World! !!!

    I just came across this forum after searching how to trade. I'm new, but willy to learn.

    What broker you guys recommend for U.S?

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    Welcome to CT man! If you are ready to learn than you are at the best place. Don’t rush with trading, first of all understand what are you gona trade and how you will approach your market. There are no equal rules for every type of market. For example forex pairs are very different from stock indexes, from commodities and so on.
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    Thanks guys,

    It looks like my only option is Trade Thunder.

    Going through all the chapters about binary options gave me wide-range of where to put my money. I feel like 30sec-60sec-120sec option is gambling/luck. Back to school board.

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    Well, it is not pure gambling if you're very experienced, but you have a point. For you it would be best to stick to one instrument so you get to know it. Follow its trends so you can predict its movements.

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    The most recommended US broker is currently TradeThunder - see review.
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