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    Vision Binary !!!

    Have anyone heard about this broker? I found one bad review online and it making nervous about trading on their site. Sorry, for my bad English. Thanks

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    I've found link below

    We should discuss more about this broker. I did not hear for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by x1tymez View Post
    Have anyone heard about this broker? I found one bad review online and it making nervous about trading on their site. Sorry, for my bad English. Thanks
    Hey, mind telling me where you are from first (country)?
    I am doing some research I will tell you more about them soon

    Apparently, the company behind Vision Binary has been warned:
    Smartech Limited.
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    I'm from Vietnam.

    Crap, I deposited some money and spoke their account manager about more B.S story.

    They told me the company is fully regulated (B.S now) and have 100 staffs on board, why no one pick up the phone when I called?. I'm hesitate to scan my id,bill,cc to them.

    Worst case, I can't withdrawn my money since I took their bonus offered. On Monday, I've appointment with their broker for trade session.

    Will keep you guys posted.
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    Hi x1tymez,

    I’m resident in Thailand so pleased to see someone else from South East Asia on the forum.

    I don’t have first hand experience with this broker.

    I’m a beginner that also deposited money with a broker, took a bonus, and now understand they are scammers.

    If you took a bonus, then you can forget about getting your money back. Go back to the site and read their terms/conditions and it’s likely you have to do a turnover within 3 months of 20, 30 or even 40 times the total (deposit plus bonus). Even if you do manage to meet the turnover requirement and make a profit, you still won’t get much money because they’ll claim from your profits at the same percentage as the bonus. Bottom line is to consider whatever you’ve deposited as unrecoverable.

    Now what?

    Since you’ve not going to get the money back, I do not think you need to send “verification” documents (scans of ID, credit card, etc). I’m not sure why any broker that is unregulated even needs to comply with money laundering rules anyway. They need it for “compliance”, but compliance with who??

    Next, you’ll get phone calls from account managers. All they want is for you is to deposit more money. If you’d like to chat to them and get “training” about “money management” and so on, it’s up to you. Overall, I think you could learn here on the forum and in the School.

    My advice is to look at this as worst case and money you will not likely get back. But you can still use the situation to your advantage.

    I now consider my account as a sort of demo account. I can forget about getting any money back, but can still use it to learn how to trade. Over the next few months I’ll use my account to learn about strategy, money management, personal discipline and so on. If at the end of it, I do well, then I can try again with a reputable broker. I’ll have all the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to succeed again. If I end up blowing this account, then I’ll know I’m not ready.

    I hope that helps you. Maybe other members have different ideas, but my story is similar to your’s so I just wanted to share how I’ve decided to tackle the situation.

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    UK Options and Vision Binary Brokers - BEWARE OF BOTH! !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by x1tymez View Post
    Have anyone heard about this broker? I found one bad review online and it making nervous about trading on their site. Sorry, for my bad English. Thanks
    Hi, I hope my comments help...

    Although my issue is with mainly with "Vision Binary" which were allocated to me after joining Cash Camp signals in November 2015 which turned out to be crap. It would seem following my own investigations that “Vision Binary” has morphed from what was and still is "UK Options" which is a another broker not to be trusted! They have almost identical websites and the same owners!

    Neither are regulated by CySEC or the FCA. So it would seem that others have had similar problems to my from these people!
    I had bad vibes about these people right from the start unfortunately, only after I'd deposited $250 with them. I have traded relatively successfully by myself with small trades (rather than through Cash Camp) and have now $294 sitting with them but after several requests to withdraw it, nothing. I fear the worst that I'll not see my money again, fortunately I have not accepted any bonuses.

    You should know that in their terms and conditions it says:
    "To make any withdrawal, you must first have traded at the “specified volume” as required by the “bonuses” stipulation applicable to your account". Which means that following the receipt of any bonus, to withdraw that bonus or any other funds from your account you will be required to perform a trading volume of at least 40 times the value of the Bonus received? This seems ridiculous!
    i.e you deposit $250 as I did, and did not accept any bonus,(as advised by most people) so I would have to trade up to $10,000 in order to get any money back!
    It says that if you have failed to trade at the required volume, your withdrawal will be immediately cancelled, and: The bonus and/or other funds can only be withdrawn only when the foregoing stipulation has been fully respected and fulfilled.
    Any withdrawal of funds from an account made before completing these bonus terms will be immediately cancelled. For clarification purposes, note that this paragraph applies to non-cash bonuses as well.

    I’m bringing this to your attention so others don’t fall into this trap.

    Eventually after 3 months of trying I got my $250 deposit back (not exactly what I had in my account!)

    Keep away from both Vision Binary and UK Options!

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