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    Geek’s Moving Average Pivot - 5-15 min Expiry !!!

    The Geek’s Moving Average Pivot Strategy – Geek Ways

    You all know Michael, our own Geek when it comes to trading and author of many articles
    on BOTS. It uses EMA 30 and pivot points to find short term signals.
    These two indicators should be used on the M30 and M5 and the daily charts are for the pivot points themselves.
    Give it a try if you are an advanced trader and want a strategy that is put together by an experienced trader and
    you can always ask him yourself!
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    Here are some other articles that will help with this strategy

    The Geek's Simple Moving Average Strategy

    The Fibonacci Tool For Binary Options

    Multiple Time Frame Analysis - Three Ducks Trading Strategy Three Ducks is a simple moving average strategy that used THREE time frames, multiple time frame analysis

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