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    Cantor Exchange !!!

    A member in another forum posted this to be but I really don't understand.
    Has anyone here traded Nadex and wants to break down what this traded posted.
    ! thing the returns are amazing the other thing I can be a client with no problem.
    This is what he said

    LOL Randy that was really funny. TBH I felt the same about Nadex and the same about Forex because when I started it was with an offshore binary options broker. Ginx gave some great advice open a small account and learn the platform. The pricing is not as complex as it seems. Everyone of them are using different modified versions of Black Scholes models. Here is a simple way to think about this and put all of that out of the way.

    A majority of your trades should be ATM 45 - 55 cents a contract at the beginning of trading 0-100 that was what I was thinking and I started listening to sophisticated theory otherwise and mostly got burned until I learned better. As long as you are trading between those numbers listed above you will get a better return than offshore.

    55 cents is the same as 81% return

    45 cents is the same as 144% ( Never get it offshore )

    OK pricing is out of the way DONE. You want to learn the Greeks and Black Scholes model like I did great ( that + whatever a bus ride cost will get you on a bus ) but here is what I am honest enough to tell you.

    As long as you are buying between the listed numbers if you are 60% accurate then you are profitable.

    As long as you are buying between those numbers and have time left for the price to fluctuate then you have room to close out early with profits.

    As long as you wait and ONLY take trades better than your S/R levels at those prices then you are getting in at a better price than you would have offshore. You are taking what originally may be perceived as disadvantages and obstacles and using them to your benefit. When you can keep it simple buying ATM for the right price it is very similar to offshore only can pay slightly better.

    This is a video of a little ATM trade on Cantor with some tips on how to execute on the spot platform. Left early but still 60% on the 51 cents aver4age price because 2 of those 4 tiny contracts were bought at 45 cents each.

    I really think CantorExchange has great potential and their pricing model around ATM feels better than Nadex to me. They do not have spreads or a demo but you can start with a small account. I started with $100 blew it down to $40 learning the platform and built it back up over $100 again basically applying the points I just shared. I hope you decide to check CantorExchange out.

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    did you trade on Cantor Exchange platform? It's very similar to NADEX, but it's not the same company. We're working on a serious of reviews for NADEX products, broker review, trading FAQ, strategies, etc... All coming out very very soon!

    as for cantor, i've heard they partnered with spotoption and techfinanciels to create a platform for US traders. I wonder where did you test the product...
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    Cantor is on the table for the past few years, but I don't know why they don't use better marketing efforts to promote their business?

    Here is an article giving light on the upcoming developments there, but I still don’t know are we close to a more user friendly and easy to use trading platform on Cantor. Black-Sholes model seems a must read for each more advanced binary options trader haha

    It will be interesting to see a first hand experience from Cantor trading, is it different than NADEX or how similar it is?
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    Here's a fellow trader explaining more about Nadex and Cantor.
    to be honest I only understand some of what he says but what I do understand sounds almost like a miracle for traders that actually want to make money in trading.

    First I want to say that I am still new to Cantor Exchange, but I've been with NADEX for a few years and it's been a long rode. Simply because I did Not want to leave Offshore Binaries Style of Pricing. But I said to hell with Bucket Shops after losing so much. Took the time to learn NADEX and I was doing well until I had to withdraw funds for emergencies. and Losing my job left me with NO possible way to trade NADEX. I say the minimum account size for BINARIES on NADEX should be $10,000.

    Moving on to FOREX: I managed to move to Spot FX. and became a SCALPER because I had little money and need smallest Risk. This is good. but due to me having FXCM the Fees were Killing my Profits daily. I had to find another way.

    Moving on to CANTOR: This is the Greatest vehicle for someone with small amount of Money and a Very Sound Trading System. They require Tiny Margin unlike Spot FX (if I wanted to trade $5 per pip I needed like almost $800 or something. on Cantor if I want to trade $1 per pip I only need $100. 2nd. Cantor's Fees are close to Nothing. Sometimes in FX I would make $10 and cause of fees I'd be at -$1 by end of Day. This was due to fact I was scalping for +3-4 pips.

    This is the Greatest Tip I can give you that Forced me into Cantor and I took out all of my Money from FXCM. This will make more sense after you've studied a little bit and learn the Pricing. watch the videos I showed you in the above Post

    The TIP is look at Price of each Binary trade as FOREX PIP Movement (let's say you BUY EUR/USD (1.0800 @ 30 and Market moves up to 1.0801 and the BINARY is Now worth 70, and you decide to Close Early for a Profit of 30). I do this all the Time The SPOT FX EUR/USD only moved 1 pip, but depending on the Time near Expiration the Binary can Now be worth 60. So Pay close attention to this. In this scenario, I made +30 pips in a 1pip Movement.

    I know this sounds confusing, but this is the POWER of NADEX and CANTOR Exchange Style Pricing. This Can't Be Done in Bucket Shops.

    Let's continue with This example. So the Risk = 30 pips, the Reward = 30 pips, 100% Payout. Now How much was Each Pip Worth. That Depends on how Many Contracts you Open. Right now I'm Up to 5 Contracts, So when I made this Trade it looks like this, .30 * 5 = $1.50 profit. minus commissions let's say -.05 = $1.50 - .-5 = $1.45 profit

    Did I mention you Only get Charged Commission if you use Limit Orders, and it's So Freaking Tiny that it Does NOT affect your Scalping.

    Let's continue: Notice I said SCALPING. from now on think of each trade as SCALPING. only thing is that price Does NOT Need to Move +30 pips in your favor for you to Make +30 pips.

    Same Example above: you have a Decent Account and you traded 100 contracts, that Same trade is worth .30 * 100 = $30 profit

    Let's Continue: When you BUY Lower than 50 you are taking an Out The Money Trade, and you're Profit Potential if you allow the Trade to Expire In your Favor, let's say you BUY 1.0800 @ 30 and the price is @ 1.0802 @ Expiration. The Profit on that trade is always 100 - (your Entry price) 30 = 70Profit. 233% Return. Those are some of the trades I was Positing at beginning of this Topic.

    So @ 10 Contracts you Risk $3.00 to make $7.00

    So @ 100 Contracts, you Risked $30 to Make $70


    I Don't Work For CANTOR, I Don't Work For NADEX. I've been a Part of for Years, and I've been Tricked by the Best. Now I'm finally into something that works. I'm still fixing my Own Methods for it. but You CAN use any Successful system. and Probability systems that aren't Too Successful, and turn them Profitable because YOU CAN EXIT the TRADE BEFORE EXPIRATION.

    P.S: I'm sorry for the Long Post. But I notice that Some of you haven't Looked at the Videos yet, so This will at least Give you an Example of The Power that Thousands are already enjoying. I Won't make another Long post like this, cause it took a lot out of me. But Ask as many questions as you want. if I can answer them i will.

    If you watch the Videos, the questions will be more profound.


    P.P.S: As I get better I'll post more Results of My Own Experiences with CANTOR EXCHANGE!!

    Oh and another quick Tip. If You Can't Get CANTOR or NADEX because of Where you live. Get in Contact with a Friend or Relative that Lives in USA and you can get them to open an Account for You

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    Well I spent hours last night looking into this kind of trading I have to say once you understand the pricing the benefits with payouts and canceling your trade early when in the money make offshore brokers a very poor choice.
    What I mean is you can cancel your trade when ITM and still get a 90% payout. Or you can go in with a lower price like .45 for the contract and get 144% payout.
    Also absolutely no manipulation and the rest of the crap that goes on with offshore brokers. the reason is you are not really using a broker at all you are using a exchange so you choose whatever price you want.

    Here's another big and quite amazing plus with Cantor over Nadex. Cantor gives you access to their API. what that means is you can have a programmer make up a interface like a Mt4 plug in so you can trade directly from your Mt4.
    Or your programmer can make your own website with your own platform to trade exactly how you want to trade. the choices are endless here.
    Martin is correct for now Cantor is using SpotOption but in a couple of months or less they will have Tradlogic and later in the year Tech Fin as platforms. But the idea you can have a guy make up whatever you want to trade this well is unheard of.

    In my opinion once you understand the pricing and the way this works then your trading strat that work with offshore brokers will work the same with cantor but with Cantor you have a great deal more options of making very good money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolyo View Post
    Cantor is on the table for the past few years, but I don't know why they don't use better marketing efforts to promote their business?

    Here is an article giving light on the upcoming developments there, but I still don’t know are we close to a more user friendly and easy to use trading platform on Cantor. Black-Sholes model seems a must read for each more advanced binary options trader haha

    It will be interesting to see a first hand experience from Cantor trading, is it different than NADEX or how similar it is?
    Please read my previous posts on this. Their current platform is spotoption so extremely easy to trade with.
    the pricing as you say is what you need to understand but honestly it's not that hard. A fellow trader that trades Cantor already gave a post here with kinda a cheat sheet on what prices to go in with.

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    Here's more info for whoever is interested

    1. They are regulated through the CFTC

    2. They are an exchange and have nothing to do with pricing. Liquidity providers privide quotes. Trader provide quotes. Its trading in its true form. If you dont like a price, make one.

    3. Unlike a bucket shop (which most binary brokers are) they hold your funds in a segregated account at harris bank. same as nadex and other market exchanges.

    4. They are not available except in 2 countires right now but they are working with the governments of many countries and will open up worldwide soon.

    5. If you want to find out more, I have a ton of videos on youtube here. Just scroll and watch

    6. if you would like to chat with like minded Cantor Exchange traders, join this (its free)

    Thank you to the guy who started this thread. Cantor Exchange is new and growing. They are in their early stages of an exchange and 5 years from now, they will be a houshold name and all over CNBC.

    Most binary options are bucket shops and suck dirt. They are trying to steal your money and if you take their bonuses, you will never be able to withdraw with a lot of them.

    If you would like to see a video I conducted with the President of Cantor Exchange, click here

    All that being said, I know there are people who will disagree with me but disagree all you want. You are wrong. If you would like to chat with me, or start a disagreement, you can find me every day in and i censor nothing. Danny can tell you that i let complaints air and never hide any comments unless they are advertising for some nonsense. Its an open and fair group and if you hvae something to say, then say it. Thats what its there for. I am not active everyday but I monitor everything to make the playing field fair.

    Thank you

    Ryan Herron

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    Randy, did you actually trade on a Cantor broker. or just a demo? From what i've heard, it's going to take some time before we see Cantor+spot brokers opening for real business.
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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