I'm very new to CommuniTraders social trading platform (only have 4-trades so far)...but I have a question on the CommuniTraders demo platform....the prices are very laggy when I compare them to my free charts (www.tradingview.com). This appears to make it extremely easy to trade (and win) 2-minute options on fast moving instruments (like GbpJpy). I just look at TradingView.com for a big breakout in GbpJpy, and then I have a few seconds to get the option entered in (at a great price) on the CommuniTraders platform, then, eventually, when TradingView is showing a continuation on the move, CommuniTraders price eventually moves to meet the streaking market, and I'm ITM.

Is this data, from CommuniTraders, the same data that some established binary broker is also using? If so, I think I need to get a real money account with that broker!