Today, 06-01-2116, I have had quite some trouble with my trades. For example:
FTSE 100 - entry 15:15:01 CT - 6035,1500
MT4 -6027,75
expiry 15:30:01 CT - 6028,8515 = - 6,3
MT4 - 6039,55 = + 11,8
The same happened just before with AUD/USD CT went up - Meta4 went down.
I`m not too experienced so far, but I think that the figures received should at least point in
ONE (1) direction, even if they come from different sources with different values!
Or - did I do something wrong? I think, that only a more or less reliable demo-account
with reliable results can teach you to trade with confidence...
So - please - to all Beatles fans: H e l p!
With the best wishes for the NY 2016