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    Rookie Member ernie's Avatar
    i think i will sign up and have a skype account thanks

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    Rookie Member ernie's Avatar
    i will check your youtube videos thanks

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    Junior Member terrakio's Avatar
    Request sent, thanks fir your great job

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    Rookie Member Gordon-Watt's Avatar
    Hi.Please will you add me to your Skype account. My Skype name is almaster78

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    Rookie Member Mirarshad211's Avatar
    Hi I have sent a request for me to be added on Skype.

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    Master Member Okane's Avatar
    Thanks. I have accepted every request.
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    Rookie Member
    Hello future mentors, im new to binary options and would like to learn from u guys! Still reading up on terms that i should know in binary options. Im sure the skype group would be effective in my learning as well therefore i have sent a request to join. Do accept! Cheers 👍🏻

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    Rookie Member trickyd's Avatar
    I sent a request

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    Rookie Member
    Request send. I hope you can help me to start trading.

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