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    CT Account: Trading as if.. vs. Trading to Test Strategies !!!

    So I've found myself in between two theoretical strategies with my CT account, and I'm not sure which is better to be doing. The first is the importance of trading as if... What I mean by that is trading as if this was a real account. This is of obvious importance to practice money management, and to create an environment that can transfer directly to your live account. The other strategy is using CT to test strategies. For a beginner such as myself, this will involve many more mistakes, and a much higher volume of trading than I would do with a live account. The benefit of this is to see where strategies can go wrong, learn what works and what doesnt, and to discover how different assets move and how your strategy works on each particular asset or pair in my case. I've learned that GBPUSD is very difficult to trade, and I prefer USDJPY and EURUSD.

    So which is better, or should I somehow try and combine both strategies in phases. Once I've established what works and what pairs I am going to go live with, should I then switch over to using CT to trade as if it was a live account? Thoughts?

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    Hi Ryan, excellent question I have been wondering this myself as a fellow newbie.
    I have been paper trading whilst testing out strategies and this has been helpful, having you considered giving that a try?
    If we are able to request a reset on the demo account(Question for the pros?), then I might consider moving over to the demo for testing before using it a simulation of a live account, however I also intend to use broker demos to familiarise myself with their platforms before depositing and going live.
    I am currently focusing on one pair EURUSD to fine tune my technical analysis abilities and also to test different strategies.

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