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Thread: Hello I am Nimz

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    Hello I am Nimz !!!

    Hello, my name is Nimz.

    Firstly I must congratulate the mods and creators of this forum, it is not only refreshingly honest but also everyone seems to be very friendly.

    Secondly it is astounding the shear volume of scam sites I had to trawl through before I came across this place and for once alarm bells weren't ringing whilst I was reading.

    I tried and failed at BO before, no risk management, no discipline, penchant for 60 secs, stark realization that my go to vice was stacked against me. However my longer options were pretty decent and I did implement technical analysis albeit rather primitive compared to the techniques I have come across here. Long story short took a bonus, had a scam broker, but luckily never gave into depositing more than once.
    I was convinced the whole industry was an elaborate scam.

    Came across BO brokers sponsoring football teams and it intrigued my interest, as I thought maybe some reputable brokers have emerged. I jumped into reading all things binary, now is the time to laugh at me...I was convinced for about 4 days that Louis Harris, Michael Freeman, and the strange dude from OptionsXE were a bunch of stand up guys....I know right?

    All the review websites ran by them had enough subtle differences but also sang the praise of similar brokers and similar systems. The biggest offender being the supposed binary options watchdog!! Anyway it didn't take long to stitch it together and realise it was all a load of turd. Then I had my Nancy Drew moment whilst watching a review of virtnext, I realised that the deposit amount wouldn't have been able to make the number of trades it did based on the time of the trades entered.

    Luckily I found which then lead me here to BOTS school and then to this forum.

    I have no expectations anymore, my goal here is to learn, apply the knowledge to a demo account, and if I can yield some consistent results I will fund an account and make a little extra cash.

    I hope to start a journal soon, inspired by Ronnel's informative and hilarious diary.

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    Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have it just about figured out. Let us know if you have any questions. What kind of strategy are you using?

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    Most traders rush in like a newbie runner, that immediately enters a series of double marathon's.

    Take your time in the School and learn. I think you will manage to get losses back when trading solid.

    Good trades!

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    Thank you for the warm welcome. I won't be devising strategies until I have got through bots school. The general idea although it's early days yet will be to pick two currency pairs and a commodity which have strong relationship so that one signal can open up to two potential signals, does that sound like a sound plan? Also will pick a few stocks and just stick to them and learn their movements.

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    Maybe it's a good idea to get to know only one or maybe two pairs first. I'd advise one, like EUR/USD or USD/JPY.

    Trading pairs with correlation is not advised here. First learn to know one pair good and then maybe add others.

    Trading correlated pairs can easily damage your account and I assume you'll not start with 100 buy-ins?

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    Thanks for the advice, duly noted. on a lighter note loving your username!

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    Welcome to bots trading community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimzv View Post
    on a lighter note loving your username!

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    @milos Thanks

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    Welcome here Nimzv!

    You are really honestly sharing your story and it will be helpful for other newbie traders to know. I am happy you already realized that world of binary options is not all roses and there are so many shady brokers out there which you should avoid in all cases. Luckily there are few reputable as well. For beginning start looking at one or two currency pairs, maybe a commodity like gold or oil and a stock index like djia. Follow their moves, listen the news and finally in few weeks you will start understand their moves and after reading the school you will be able to pick a strategy and test.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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