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    Candlesticks made easy !!!

    Merry Xmas
    I keep getting this email trying to sell me a book on candlestick reading.
    Here's the link to the sales pitch.
    However I found that I already have the book.
    so here it is for free

    Please take what it says with a grain of salt but there are some good points so I wanted to share it with our community.
    Just click on the link below

    Happy trading

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    Rookie Member emil's Avatar
    Happy holidays Randy, you can also find a good resource on candlestick analysis and price action here (link)
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    Quote Originally Posted by emil View Post
    Happy holidays Randy, you can also find a good resource on candlestick analysis and price action here
    of course you can this book is a bit different

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    I'll check it out but the link I provided has some great videos, just wanted to share it

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    no problem sharing is caring

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for starting such a discussion! Candlesticks are always not an easy matter but it can be very helpful in the long run. Trading of some candlestick patterns can be very profitable if done properly.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    thank you for the great learning tools!

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    Yes candlestick is a good analysis to use

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    Candlestick charts are more popular these days so I have downloaded this ebook to learn how candlesticks alone can help us in trading. Let see how they works for me, thanks for sharing.

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    Attention! CAndlestick USERS! !!!

    Good, I got everybodies attention. Candlesticks, they are just like any other indicator and can give both good and bad signals, ie both bearish and bullish signals irrespective of the underlying trend. They have to be confirmed by other analysis, such as trend, support/resistance,volume is a good one, MACD, RSI etc..... don't blindly follow the candles, they may light your way to a big loss, and cause confusion.

    this is what I mean. A harami is a great pattern. It can signal market reversals and confirm support. It consists of a long candle, followed by a short candle of the opposite color that appears in the middle of the first candles range. This signal can appear anywhere on your chart. at a high, at a low, in the middle of a range, close to or far away from support. A harami in the middle of a range doesn't mean shit, unless it has super high volume or other indication. A harami that appears at a support or resistance, on a moving average or after a break out has more meaning, and gains in importance as volume goes up, and as other indicators confirm the harami signal. Capiche?

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