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    Lightbulb Reliable Training Courses and Resources Presented !!!

    Hey guys,

    Finally decided to start a thread about trusted learning resources on trading outside of our trading school and community! Of course we are dedicating great resources and efforts to present you here the best reviews, strategies and tools for trading, but we must never forget that despite the extreme scam wave on the internet there are few resources which are genuine and can give you great educational value. I would like to initiate this thread with the goal to present here only good resources and all the attempt for scammers to join here will end in tears

    The first place I would like to present is the blog of Jarratt Davis. He is one of the best forex traders in the world. Achieved number one in Barclays ranking for 5 consecutive years and continue its star performance for his accounts and his clients account. Despite he is working in a high profile hedge fund industry, he is dedicating very much to educate newbie traders because he was one of them in the past and would like to return back his knowledge. He has his own paid course but also tones of free stuff on his site and even free access for two week on his professional education courses. I checked it and it is really worth watching. I learned a lot from Jarratt in the past and I can fairly say he was one of my most influential mentors showing me how to interpret market moves and how to position my trades more in tune with fundamentals. He is not talking about binary options, but the insides he is showing are of great values to every one of us, because independent of what instrument we are trading, spot, binaries or vanilla options we are trading on one and the same underlying market!

    Share here your trusted sources of information, but only proven and tested resources, not suspicious and shady signals and gurus
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Thanks for sharing Kolyo

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