Deciding to call it quits for the day. I traded USD/JPY, USD/EUR, and USD/GBP today, though it seems as though the trends are beginning to level out. I am starting to refine my strategy, show more patience (though more could have yielded even better results), and figure out my entry points and expiries. I'm using Stoch with CCI overlay, RSI, B Bands to define volatility, along with quickfib to help me with S/R lines. Today I was much better at trading with the trends instead of jumping in during a retracement. Trends are starting to become more evident, though today could have just been a good day. If I can put together a winning month instead of just a winning day, then I think I'll be ready to go. For now, I'll keep reading, keep analyzing the charts, and keep using Communitraders.

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