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    Smile New to Forums & Binary Options !!!

    Hi All,

    Have become interested in BO and doing a lot of research and now come across this community which looks the perfect and ideal place for me to network with fellow traders as a complete beginner with no previous knowledge of the financial market.

    I would gratefully appreciate some help and input on where I can get a MT4 platform and which is the best recommended for beginners i.e. ease of use?

    Also does anyone use signal providers? I work full time in the UAE so can only trade for maybe a few hours in the evening or early morning at best. The provider would help but would still carry on manual trading. Does anyone have any good recommendations or views on this?

    Look forward to communicating with all you guys. I am now off to try the schooling, review the forums and look into the trading platform offered here.

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    Ok, first, welcome aboard! I think you are the first person I've met from the UAE too, pretty cool. So, signal services, be very very wary of any ssp. Many, if not most, are outright scams. Some just don't work well, and a few are OK. It's best to take your own signals from your analysis/strategy, or use a service that is actually teaching a strategy. Good ones for newbies are the simple ones like using MACD, stochastic,moving averages, and trend following strategies. Good thing you are going to the school, that's where I would have sent you first. After you get acquainted with things it'll be time to choose a strategy, don't worry, it doesn't really matter which one so long as it is a recognized and approved strategy, if you aren't sure ask one of us. The key is to pick one, and stick with it, there are lots of ways to trade the market, in general everyone is right, it just depends on what time frame, strategy and stance you are talking about so it is easy to get confused if you listen to too many sources, or jump around from strat to strat. Ok, that's enough for now, have fun and good luck!

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    Thanks Michael for the input. Appreciated!

    I'll take the advice and look for a strategy that works and test and test. I've now got the MT4 trading platform software so will review the strategies on here for beginners. I have an account with BDB and seem to have no problems so far as have account already verified and have withdrawn within a reasonable time frame, 5 - 7 days I recall. Now going to try and open a free demo account as I already have a live one with BDB.

    Will let you know which strategy I opt for and if it is working over the next few weeks.

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    Hi nhaggis!

    Great to have you on board here. I think that the best way to move forward is to stay away from signal providers who don’t have independently reviewed trading history. Most of them just post a screenshot with selected best trades. If you want to be part of successful traders community follow the traders here, ask them, check their history trades, analyze strategies and tools and soon you will see great improvements of your results.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Welcome to BOTS! I agree with Kolyo - signal providers are not reliable. The information you can find about the market movements here is. You should stick to the forum and learn from experienced traders. It is not easy, but it's not that hard either. You'll manage, I am sure. Good luck!

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    Both Micheal and Kolyo are correct. Avoid signal providers and learn to trade yourself

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    Hello nhaggis!
    Welcome on the forum. You can use our trading signals. Use CT.

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