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    Using Stochastic For Crossover Signals 60 Second Strategy !!!

    This is a simple strategy for trading 60 second binary options. It utilizes a single but powerful indicator to capture short term movements based principals similar to Chaos Theory. Stochastic tracks randomness, and makes sense of it in a way that is used by top traders around the world. I don't personally like to trade 60 seconds, and this strategy can be used in other time frames with no worries, but if you are going to you might as well use one of the best indicators out there.

    Using Stochastic For Crossover Signals 60 Second Strategy

    Stochastic Oscillator Review

    Multiple Time Frame Indicator; Stochastic
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    yup I used this with RSI using a MA line 100 only took calls when crossover was above my MA same as puts below. It is accurate in a good trend. I think all these strategies work very well when the market is trending but watch out if the market goes to ranging and goes sideways you will likely loose your trade.
    This is why I prefer my 60 sec strategy which when used with accurate and fast platform gives me a consistent 70% win rate.
    Also my real time candle timer and a few other changes I made makes my new strategy very solid.

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    This is a good strategy. Thank you for posting it. randy1953 I was wondering if you could tell me what your strategy is for 60 second trading.
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