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    News Release Resource (Interest Rates, NFP, etc.) !!!

    Hi Guys,

    One of the largest liabilities I have trading is not knowing if an interest rate announcement or something of the like is coming that day. The market reaction to news like that causes irregular behavior that cannot be predicted by traditional indicators.

    Provided most announcements are made the same day(s) quarterly/annually I had hoped I could code in notifications to my software or at the very least have an accurate resource to check each week.

    I am looking for a full schedule of news and announcements that would affect the major forex currencies.


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    Hi. Well you are supposed to look those things up. News I mean. I use i have a webinar about this next wednesday you are very welcome to join. You find the banner under preschool section. See you!

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    Tons of info on the net man. You just need to click on it. Spoon feeding never helped anyone... I think. But here it is anyway, just in case you cant find it:
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    yeah, have you tried at all to find the information yourself? its not like there aren't about a hundred websites, including this one, that has an economic calendar and forecasting....

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    Thanks gents!

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