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    Greetings !!!

    Finally! It seems I have found the right place to learn some strategies that makes money. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am from Pakistan, working in private sector and also considering forex as my part time.


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    What's up! Have you gone through our school, we have some Forex strategies that
    we have adapted to work on Binaries as well
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    Well howdy, how are you hope all is well. welcome to the forum and don't hesitate to ask any questions. Okane is right, the school is a good place to start, then maybe looking for a broker.

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    Hi imran! Welcome to CommuniTraders Do you have any questions right now? It will be great if you boost your learning by asking more questions and read a lot through the forum and the school of course! Wishing you helpful time here and lots of new friends!

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    Best strategy is to learn trading. Not to learn systems. Dig in to the charts and learn to read them well. A system is just a set of rules, based on reading the charts, so the answer is in the charts, not in a system.

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    Welcome to BOTS! How did you find out about the forum? And about BOs? It's very good that you're willing to learn and not just use signal providers or some other scammy money suckers. There are no easy money in the world. You need to be dedicated and to put effort in order to succeed. I wish you good luck and keep us updated on your improvement!

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    Hello Imram!

    Welcome to the forum and our trading community.You're on the right place. You can find daily and weekly trading tips. It is included trading dairies. Use CT with new design.You can post trades and share with us.

    All the best!


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    Hi! Yeah, this is the place to learn how to earn money. But it takes a lot of reading and practice. It's not gonna be as simple as you might think.

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    Hi Imran. Welcome to BOTS.

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