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    afraid girl I've been to school, now what? !!!

    Here I sit...I spent weeks sifting through broker profiles (I am SO glad I found BOTS!). I've picked out a couple broker possibilities, but decided not to fund either of them until I've done a lot of paper and demo trading. I've seen a lot of bot and signal scams during my re-search

    I've completed the great BOTS.COM preschool and primary modules, and have started working on the college level stuff. I've found and downloaded the MT4 terminal. What's the next step? I want to use CT 2.0 for demo trading. Not sure where to begin with that.

    PS I'm a retired accountant. I haven't outgrown the need to have everything laid out before me so I can begin.

    I want to begin demo trading -- how do I find something to trade?

    Enough questions for now. Thanks for your responses.

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    what market is interesting to you? do you like individual stocks? Stock indices? Commodities, gold oil? Forex? All have their attraction and appeal, I suggest you find one or two that you really like and start with them. I prefer indices over stocks because they respond to the entire market, not just the news from one stock, also commodities are good... Oil and gold, oil tends to follow supply/demand, gold is tied into the dollar and inflation, the best traders learn one of these really well,and then branch out as they get better. If I could give you 5 choices of where to start it would be the S&P 500, Oil, gold, usd/jpy and eur/usd... any one of these is good, or if you want to start with more than one all together are a full package for trading what ever news and events are happening.

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    Hey, thanks for the quick comeback. I think I'd like to start with the eur/usd pair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unclbill View Post
    Hey, thanks for the quick comeback. I think I'd like to start with the eur/usd pair.
    EUR USD has a high volatility and payout which is good. I was unable to trade it as a beginner though, but you might like it.
    I only trade EUR/USD today and I can tell you that each asset has their own unique features.
    Take your time and look at several assets see which one seems easier to trade based on
    finding trends, oversold overbought positions, Support resistance and in accordance with your strategy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclbill View Post
    Hey, thanks for the quick comeback. I think I'd like to start with the eur/usd pair.
    OK, that's a good pair, like Okane says it can be volatile, but also trades within long term ranges so is good for 1 hour charts and below. What strategy is my next question, just about any strategy can be good, so long as you use it right. So, let us know that and the time frame you want to trade and we can go on to the next step, looking at past entries and how they were best traded. . . we do that while we wait for new signals to develop....

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    Thanks, Okane.

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    Hi Unclbill and welcome to CommuniTraders

    That’s fantastic you already started with the school section of the BOTS site!

    You can immediately start free demo trading if you click on the Green button at the top of the forum page – “Start Trading”. You will not only be able to place your demo trades on variety of instruments but also to post them in the forum and share with the community. This is a great way for you to gain experience and talk with other traders as well. It is good you will focus on one particular instrument. Each instrument has its own unique character and it is good decision to focus at the beginning to only one till you learn the price action on it. For any questions we are here to help
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hi Unclbill

    Welcome to the forum. I trade currency pairs EUR/USD,USD/JPY,GBP/USD,AUD/USD,USD/CAD.Time frame expiry a week, a three days, a day or H1,H4.
    Sometimes I trade a month expiry. All my trades are available here on the forum.

    I have to know what's your trading strategy?Time frame and trading assets. You can use CT.Post trades and share on the forum. Its easy to use.

    Once again I wish you welcome.

    Happy trading!

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    I've had to be away from the computer a couple days. I hope to wrap my head around some strategy and get started midweek or so. I'll keep you guys posted.

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    Have you tried any demo-accounts?

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