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    hello from indonesia !!!

    hello everyone
    nice to learn here
    thank you for admin. let me in

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    Welcome here!

    As said in the thread of Oto: going through our school will definitely help you (and it's completely free )

    I would advice you to read first, before taking an offering by a broker or signal service. It could help you avoid big disappointments...

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    Welcome here! Btw nice nickname I hope you will learn a lot from more experienced guys here and will bring back to life our Indonesia community in the forum we had in the past a lot of users from your country, but they don’t seem very active last couple of months.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hi! Great to see you here. I hope you enjoy your reading and learning in our community. If you are persistent and you keep on trying, you will improve a lot. Trading looks easier than it actually is. You'll see this for yourself soon. But it is learnable.

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    Welcome to BOTS! Start with the school articles. They will help you understand the basics of trading BOs. The rest... is a little harder. You'll have to go with your own instincts. Everybody has a personal trading style. You'll slowly develop one too. You just need a little more experience. Actually a lot more experience. You'll do good.

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    Hey, welcome!
    We have lots of education in our school and if you look there
    you can see that we also provide free webinars so don't miss out!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.Nice nickname.

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    Hi 888mdo888, nice to have you on board

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    Hi! Nice to see you here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 888mdo888 View Post
    hello everyone
    nice to learn here
    thank you for admin. let me in
    HEllo! Welcome to BOTS!

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