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    We went for our walk.. !!!

    We my dog and I went for a walk a week ago and stopped at my favorite homemade Ice Cream shop. I got a Banana Split.
    As I was sharing it with my best friend a reporter from our Newspaper came by and took are pic. I didn't think much of it well the other day I am walking with Whiskey(my dog) and a lady yells are you the one in the newspaper eating ice cream!

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    Cool story.

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    Thanks my dog is all I have left for family. He's 10 going on 11 I pray he lives a lot longer.
    Last year on my birthday I turned 61 well my dog whiskey according to dog years being 7 times people years turned exactly to the day 61 with me.
    We have a great 61 birthday!

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    Is this him on your profile picture? He's beautiful if so. I know what you mean - I love my pets too. I have two chinchillas at home - a guy, named Alfonso and a girl - Lusinda. I chose to have chinchillas because they live longer than almost any other pet - they can reach up to 20 years (human years). I'm sure you and your dog will have many more happy years together.

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