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    How can I add a indicator from my desktop to the MT4 !!!

    I have this indicator how do you get it into the MT4?

    I tried just to drag it but when I tried to drop it on the indicators nothing happened.

    Never mind I got it I forgot google my friend
    File>data folder>MQL4>indicators

    Hey I just got a whole bunch of very cool indicators the author says they would cost $5000 if bought seperatley I think he highly inflated but if anyone wants any let me know.
    I have one that I really like it's a clock that tells you how much longer till your candle closes.
    Another one that does muti trends and the chances of going high and low.

    Another one that is already there this guy says pro traders use is the MA set to 120 and the other to 140 showing if the buyers or sellers are in control.
    anyhow having some fun here.
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