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    Thank you Martin for this. This may become my goto broker here in the US. I have to say thier customer support was of the best I have experienced and got a call back in just a few mins over the weekend. they seem to be a very legit company. They use a Tradlogic platform which claims no delays which is a big plus.
    If anyone has experience with these guys please give me a little feedback. Honestly I would have funded the account today but again I am waiting to hear from a manger to see it he can approve risk free trades at 10 times not 30 times.
    I was approved with a $500 deposit 3 $500 risk free trades but at 30 times turnover. that's silly if I lost all 3 trades my account over $45k to take any money out. I told them I be quite happy with just 2 risk free trades for $250 at 10 times turnover so we will see. So far this broker is looking very well to me.

    there does seem to be a question on being regulated. I was told that they were regulated but now are waiting for extensions on their licenses whatever that means. But they feel like very professional folks.

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    Brokerage Capital anyone trades with these guys !!!

    First I like to thank Martin for making a review section on this broker.
    I don't want to make a unnecessary post but please if anyone here has experience with this broker feel free to share/pm me.
    Their customer support etc was near perfect, their trading platform looks excellent with no delays like SpotOption.
    I am thinking of funding this broker but would really enjoy someone that has used them to comment.

    What I don't understand is they said they been in the BO business for years now yet we have no reviews on them here and on the net all I can find is little or very recent reviews. It may be the case they changed their name or something.
    Hoping to hear from other traders here. In the Us be don't have many choices now so when you come across one that looks really good well you're lucky.

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