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    IQ OPTION Business Model !!!

    im posting a video from iq option site , ,explain how iq make profits or what they want to believe ,usually all the brokers claim that make profits through trading volume, but they dont tell us the names of liquidity providers,in forex we know that liquidity providers are major banks but in binaries we dont know .

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    Quote Originally Posted by leon View Post
    im posting a video from iq option site , ,explain how iq make profits or what they want to believe ,usually all the brokers claim that make profits through trading volume, but they dont tell us the names of liquidity providers,in forex we know that liquidity providers are major banks but in binaries we dont know .
    I guess they are their own liquidity providers... good point there
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Im new to the binary option.Can i ask you some question?
    Who control the trading site? can the broker change the winning trade to losing trade?
    why the value of usd/cad in iq broker is different to the value of usd/cad in other company?

    can the broker cheating while we are trading in the short time?

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    Yes you are right,many time I wasn't able put trades for same explanation about not valid expire time.But good point is no problem withraw funds...

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    It's quit simple answer,there ir two sides of barricades,trader and broker and I do believe broker can do anything against trader particularly unregulated,shady platforms...

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    I guess I should tell a little bit about my experience with IQ, since I have used it now for almost a year. I really can't make any comparison between brokers, 'cause I've used only EZ prior to IQ (maybe I like short names..)

    Anyway, I use dailyfx as a "reference" chart, and I have never seen differences of the values of assets between dailyfx and IQ. I can't say if there are some, but I surely would have sent an angry message to my contact person if I had felt I lost a trade due to wrong prices. So, that issue I can't complain.

    Another positive thing so far has been the withdrawals. My experience is that withdrawing to Neteller takes two banking days. I find that more than acceptable. No problems at all there.

    But then: They do have a lot of these "non-trade" malfunctions. I don't know how much it has to do with my internet connect or the laptop I use, but it does drive me crazy every once in a while
    Also quite often (daily, because I trade a loooot) the active trade cannot be followed on the screen - and I have to switch off the application and start it again to see how I'm doing. It is also infuriating.

    The indicators they offer are perhaps not the very worst on the market, even though I use the dailyfx indicators and then only put the trades on IQ platform. But they do have eg. an "automatic" fibonacci calculator on board - I found it only recently and was quite impressed. I hate calculating them manually (with forex fibonacci application). But somehow I don't trust their RSI and stuff like that - their RSI seems to be over sold or over bought almost all the time even though the settings should be the same with what I use in dailyfx. [I'm only learning to use metatrader.]

    Hmm, what else. I had thought all the brokers offer highest payouts for the shortest TFs, because they are the toughest to hit ITM. IQ has usually 87 - 90 % payout for EUR-USD for short trades (maximum of 5 minutes) whereas the longer TFs give mostly less than 80 % (for currency pairs, that is).

    And yes, "end-of-the-day" is still their longest trade time.

    IQ seems to be updating their platform ALL THE TIME. More often than weekly there is something new. A couple of weeks ago they introduced the option of selling your trade ahead of the closing time. It "offers" the traders another big psychological challenge, and I'm afraid the house will definitely win more than lose when this "sell" button is used. All in all, they seem to be very active with their product, and can't blame them for that. The only negative thing here is that probably this constant updating brings in those numerous malfunctions.

    So, are the malfunctions intentional - beats me, I simply can't say. So far I believe they are not, because provoking them manually or through some program would surely be very difficult and/or time consuming thing to do.

    I have also heard rumors that if you get too succesful, they start cutting down the payouts for you - don't know about that. At least I have not been that succesful yet.
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    I thinking about that too, and also want to know what is your opinion about IQ!
    demoing it for about 4 months now (not much trust to deposit my first real trading capital there yet, min deposit $10, min trade $1)

    and what I found out:
    there are call/put option, on binary (options with expiration time from 15 minutes, end of the week, end of the month)
    and turbo (options with expiration time less than 5 minutes)
    no one touch or no touch option yet (maybe they will put it in in the future idk... since there are upgrades,updates on the platform almost every week)
    and there is a sell function, to sell the opened position at maximum 20 seconds before its expires. and a cancel function to undo a trade after
    the execution. it is maybe a 2 seconds time limit for this action or less as i can observe it (there is no counter for that just a cancel tag on a button)

    You can follow 9 assets at once in a grid structure, but only just one on full screen as i noticed, so no multiple monitoring (big monitor/TV requires?)
    It has built in indicators and graphical tools and looks nice, but my question is that are they correctly working, or delay or fail a dangerous amount? :S
    So The softwares graphics is beautiful sharp and fast, looks like a video game... maybe it is too fancy to take it seriously? Compared to other brokers platforms
    that looks terribly shitty...(okay 24 looks nice too)
    Maybe Iq trying to catch me with that good looking software to trap me?
    Its confusing, but of course these are my demo experiences (support told me that real account trading is the same experience except the money )
    The execution time is sometimes fast sometimes slow, sometimes just didn't accepted and-or I just get a "no connection to the server" message.
    it is appears daily every once in a while and its last long from couple seconds to several minutes as I experienced until now. Support answers my questions every time in
    about 30 mins, thats good especially I have no real money account just playing around on demo.
    But it doesnt freeze, dropping out, logging out or something, just cant make a trade occasionally for some reason.

    Ineed more info and experiences from you communitrader guys, because Im thinking about to put some $ in there to start my very first low limit trades
    there based on knowledge that I picked up in the school section here.

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    @gtgnl100: Don't worry IQ Options is legit as it can get!

    It was my favorite trading platform until they had that stupid anti binary law in Belgium which made Belgium citizens not able to trade on IQ Options anymore.

    But OK, for every problem is a solution and I'm busy with moving to another country and get myself the passport of that country which will make me able to trade on it again.

    Service is top, OK sometimes it looks like you are chatting with a guy from the hood in the night but never the less the service is great.

    They'll do everything to help you, not like what I recently experienced with "Tradethunder" where they leave you in the dark and looks like they are just ignoring you.

    The platform is just superb, you don't need a 3th app chart to trade on it, all indicators are their for your service.

    And the withdrawals are lightning fast, I had mine mostly in 24 hours.

    I don't know what "alexhiggins" is talking about, he says you have no 'one click trades', which you have, you just got to configure it.

    And about execution time I neither don't know what you are talking about, must be your computer or network connection because mine were always instant.

    All by all, my number one platform to trade one, 0 complaints, happy I can trade on it again very soon.

    Just deposit $100 on it, and play around with €1 trades you know until you get the hang of it, take the bonus if you want it gives you some more cash. altho. remember you can't withdraw until you reached a specific amount of balance or if you cancel the bonus.

    But I'm of the opinion if you first start, get the bonus, do low cash trades, get the hang of it and you're good to go. (and stay away from the Martingale if you are learning, stick to €/$1 trades!)

    Happy trading!

    Greets, Bjorn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sofaking View Post
    Guess it's just me so. I'm ready to dump this joke of a broker. 40% profit return on EUR/USD. I asked them about it and they say it's due to "market conditions". So how come my other brokers were paying 80-81% on the same pair at the same time?
    Its quite funny, because i know exactly who is responsible for 40% payout
    As i am part of little but advanced group of traders of which - one traded in IQoption.
    At the start payouts where fine but after he made some good profits IQ started to cut down on payouts till it reached 40% after which he just left the broker and i suppose higher payouts may return

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    So far I have been using iqoptions trading platform demo account. I test it some strategies. Its only demo account. I didn't use real account by now. I can watch only one big monitor open trade. That's all so far.

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