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Thread: Mt4 vs mt5

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    Question Mt4 vs mt5 !!!

    Hi guys.

    I got a question.
    I have been studying BOTS school and I have been browsing thru the CT and I always see you guys talking about mt4.
    My question is why no one is using MT5, what are the major differences?
    Is there any specific reason for only using MT4?


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    I use both on my dinosaur PCs and find MT4 to work faster than MT5 and love MT4 for this. I don't use fancy indicators but for testing I tried installing funky indicators on both and MT4 have loads of nice indies that works but still needs to be properly coded for MT5.
    One good example is "Traders Dynamic Index (TDI)" which MT4 has but MT5 doesn't (probably they have it now???), plus MT4 have lots of programs that have alarms and email notification.
    For me MT4 is just convenient to use and easy to troubleshoot if problems arise because there are so many "how to's" for MT4.
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    I just installed win 8.1 and installed MT5 but unfortunately I could not upload my
    template with all the S/R lines in MT5 so now I have MT4 again.
    For me personally it doesn't really matter but since I can't get all my lines to MT5
    and I don't want to have to add over 100 lines manually I will just stick with MT4.
    Also, I do lots of reviews of strategies and tools and they are mostly for MT4 so I need to have
    it installed on my PC.
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    Thanks for your answers.
    I installed MT4 because every article that I found is MT4 oriented and I glad to Know that it might be faster than MT5

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    Both are almost the same in functionality for basic level traders so much better to stick with the mt4 for which there are much more strategies and systems prepared. The benefits of mt5 are not so much and if you are not a programer or advanced trader no need to move to mt5.
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    i find MT5 faster and more reactive. For example i was using an EA to open trades and another EA to listen to opened trades, all on the same MT. On MT4 there was 1 tick delay, on MT5 it was instantaneous...

    also i think there are more ticks on MT5 than MT4...but maybe i'm wrong


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