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    5 short videos BO strategies !!!

    Funny Okane said why fix something that's not broken.
    I was given what I think is a pretty cool program on short term trading using candlesticks.
    I am giving it away here for anyone that wants to give them a try.
    Please feel free to give feedback if you so wish.
    Each file is very small around 20 mb and they are in a format that all players will play.
    So enjoy and maybe some of the Pros could comment on them.
    I'm going to do a bunch of paper trades with them just to see. I'm not planing to change my trading ways unless theses help me improve. I downloaded a platform called thinkorswim and set up my workspace as the guy who gave the program says.
    I have to tell you I went back and looked and if I went by what this guy is saying I probably would have had a 70 or 80% win rate.
    Esp with the last one all he is using is a MACD price line and when it crosses one of the lines you go in that direction and it's almost dead on for 2 min trades.
    Here you go

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    I was watched the videos. High/Low trading using by Bollinger Bands. It is included trading by peaks/bottom.

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    You mean its in our school here?
    thanks have a great weekend

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