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    60 seconds trading !!!

    I read on this site under the school you have about 60 seconds trading and some comments by senior traders. It seems the overwhelm consensus is that 60 seconds trading is gambling and has no place as far as real trading goes except as a possible stress aid iow if you just want to gamble a yes or no on a trade.
    Well here's my take. I'm not a very lucky guy I almost always loose on a bet so I stay away from gambling. However I have developed my own little strategy for 60 seconds trading. I'm very new at BO but I have traded Forex before using mostly EA's and lost a lot.
    But here's the thing coming from a not so lucky guy how in the world can I have a 73% win rate on 150 trades if indeed it was just a gamble. Also to be honest I think that win rate should be a little higher than it is because quite a few of my losses were not do to a failure of my strategy but for making a bad entry when I knew it was before I entered of leaving the time on 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds and forgetting about it where the result was I would had won if I had the trade set at 60 seconds. so in truth my win rate is more like 80% dues to being dumb in the moment. So again how am I'm doing this if all the pro traders are saying it's not really possible to know the outcome in a mere 60 seconds but I'm hitting 8 out of 10 as winners over a period of 3 weeks and 150trades?

    My system is not really a system per se it has to do with a hell of a lot of watching the chart and movement and of only one pair the USD/JPY. I tried it on other pairs but this pair seems to work the best for me. I wish I had programing skills as I would like to see if I could make a EA using my system. However it may not be possible so much of my trading has to do with being in the dance of the pair and knowing when to take the lead. I really wish I could chat with a few more experience traders that are doing as well if not better than I on 60 second trades to share ideas. So if we have any successful short term traders out there that may wish to chat with me please contact me. for me now I am trading for a living. I'm not a rich man by any means and I trade for my food, rent and to feed my dog so you gotta know I am dead serious about this. I will share everything I have with someone that also trades 60 seconds. All I want to to is to stay consistent and keep my win rate where it is if not better.

    so many folks are so secretive about their trading something I don't understand. Why not help as many as you can since we have around a 98% failure rate in this game their are tons of folks that can be helped. I really want to know as much as possible about this short term trading. So if your interested please do contact me so we can maybe both become even better traders.

    Also I really like this site but it seems not to be that active. If anyone knows other forums that have more active members and postings please send me a pm with that forum name. I'm here to learn but what I want to learn is from other traders that are active in trading not words that are written down.
    Sorry for the long post
    hope to chat with some of the great traders we have here

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    Well, you have been trying that out for 3 weeks you say. I say give it another 6 months and then
    make up your mind on whether 60second trading is good on the long run or not.
    I can put up lots of screenshots of where I have won 12-15 or even up to 20 trades
    in a row with 60s expiry and I was only trading randomly without looking at a chart lol.
    I'm not saying you can't be good at it. In fact we have met a few people in this very forum
    who made lots of money trading 60-120S but in the long run it didn't take them far.
    I am sure there are a few people who are successful, there is always someone who is good at
    things others can't do but then again, you have been doing this for 3 weeks you say. You should know that the ones
    you call "senior traders" have been in this business for decades.

    About the forum not being that active. Remember that it's summer, it's mid July and most people
    are on vacation so yes it's only normal that the activity is reduced now but people
    should be getting back soon. And this forum is one of the biggest, if not the biggest when it comes
    to real binary options social trading and it's not only about numbers of posts but about the value they
    bring to traders! We remove lots of garbage and scam every day so only good comments remain on the forum.

    I don't know what you mean by being "secretive". Look in the diary room most of us share analysis and trades here
    and look under "What's hot" and other tabs, I know it's still new but we are working on it so everyone can share
    their trades live!

    And again, give yourself some more time, I am not saying you are just being lucky but 3 weeks
    is too early to base your judgment on. Win rate doesn't say anything really, because it depends
    on the number of your trades. So if I had 10/10 is my win rate 100%? In the long run only your
    consistency counts and what takes you there is knowledge and experience. Good Luck
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    Thanks Okane,

    Well if I did not look at the charts belive me I would have a much less than 73% win rate like I say I'm not that lucky at all.

    I am thinking about using this M/M for my trading what do you think.
    10 Trades


    1/ $10 win $18

    2/ $18 win $34

    3/ $34 win $62 = 3/1 Risk reward buys you 3 x $10 attempts to win another 3 .


    4/ $62 win $114

    5/ $114 win $210

    6/ $210 win $389 = 3/1 Risk reward buys you 3 x $62 attempts to win another 3 / or 38 x $10 attempts.


    7/ $389 win $719

    8/ $719 win $1328

    9/ $1328 win $2456 = 3/1 Risk reward buys you 3 x $389 attempts to win another 3 / or 245 x $10 attempts.


    10/ $2456 win $4543 = 454/1 Risk reward buys you $454 x $10 attempts to win another 10.

    If you lose start again. You will only ever lose your initial investment = $10. If you struggle to compound all 10 trades ( and you will ) break it down say to lots of three as shown. Build up a solid equity foundation, then move up a level. Once you have reach your desired maximum target, simply repeat the last few trades always starting from a lower value meaning you risk less & win more.

    DO NOT compound your losing trades.

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    I agree with Okane. 3 weeks is a very small period of time for you to establish ground rules in your trading style. Some traders need years to do that, others need a few months. Don't make big conclusions based only on your first few trades even if they turned out to be sucessful. Markets change, the psychological settling of people changes and it changes the current trends. A very good strategy might blow your account if used at the unapropriate time. You'll figure this out for yourself soon if you haven't already.

    And yeah, summer weeks are a little weaker on forum activity, but let's face it - right now traders are using their money for summer holidays at the beach instead of risking them on the market.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Yeah I know all that and what you say is 100% true. that's why I only trade at certain times and I sample the market first before I go all in.
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    Please delte I was testing this thanks
    will not allow posting keep getting this error?

    You don't have permission to access /editpost.php on this server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randy1953 View Post
    Please delte I was testing this thanks
    will not allow posting keep getting this error?

    You don't have permission to access /editpost.php on this server.

    Yeah I got that error too an hour a go, might be servers that are refreshing or something.
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    happens sometimes when forums re-caching. should be OK soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by randy1953 View Post
    Please delte I was testing this thanks
    will not allow posting keep getting this error?

    You don't have permission to access /editpost.php on this server.

    Forum uses analyse of content of post in context of malicious content. Hence some suspicious symbols (that not used in normal text) sometimes cause false positive. Rules are updated. Sorry for inconvinience.

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    I was reading careful your post here randy1953. Honestly I avoid 60seconds expiry. 2-5 minutes expiry can predict better price movements. I think 60seconds is too short time period to predict.

    I was tested a dozen trading strategies during the Asian, EU and the US trading session. Sometimes 60seconds expiry wasn't changed during the Asian trading session. During the US and EU trading session price was jumped up/down more than 100 pips in 60 seconds.

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